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Apni gadrayi padosan ki kasi hui rasili choot ka swad apni laplapati jibh ke sath sath lund ko bhi chakhaya

I am a college going student, my age is 21 years, well-built physique with a height of 6 feet 1 inch with average looks. I live in a rented 2 bhk apartment with my friends. I have had a few girlfriends in college but did not get lucky with any of them. Life was quite normal until few months back, when a newly married couple moved in to a block just above mine in our apartment. The lady was a beauty. Her name is Sheela, which i came to know when other aunties in the apartment called out her name to gossip. Sheela was in her mid-twenties around 25-26 years of age. She had a gorgeous figure which could leave any man dumbstruck. She was 5 feet 6 inch tall with fair complexion and long black hair up to her waist. Her body was curved in right places with right amount of flesh, a perfect figure of 34-26-36. Whenever she climbed the stairs her butts moved up n down making things hard inside for guys like me! All the guys in the apartment died to get one look at her.

Now coming to the incident, i have a habit of spending long time on the terrace of the building. Sheela’s apartment had a separate open terrace. Once when i was on the terrace i saw Sheela was washing clothes, she was wearing a loose gown which was showed me a clear view of her cleavage. Her boobs were so milky that i felt like grabbing and licking them. I was so turned on by the view that i had to run down to my room and jerk off. I kept thinking of her for the whole day and jerked off a few times. The next thing i wanted was to see her fully naked in front of me. I thought of various ways to get closer to her. I couldn’t find one. We knew each other by face but hadn’t talked yet. Few days later when i was walking back home from the college i saw Sheela carrying a heavy bag of grocery. My mind got to work and i couldn’t leave such a chance of helping her and initiating a conversation. I quickly ran to her help and offered to pick up the bag to which she refused earlier n agreed later when i introduced myself to her. She introduced herself as Sheela Trivedi and we talked for some time on the way back to the apartment. When we reached home i kept the bag on the table and complemented her for the interiors of the house. She was flattered n said that she had done it on her own. She asked me for coffee to which i politely said no and assured her that next time i would love to have coffee with her. I went back home and was very happy that day. Now we would exchange smiles whenever we saw each other. Nothing happened for the next few days apart from getting the glimpses of her boobs from the terrace.

One day i heard some noise from Sheela’s apartment, i rushed to the terrace and i saw Sheela crying in her balcony. After some time when she was going back inside she saw me looking at her from the top. Next day when i meet Sheela she asked me to come to the terrace. On the terrace she asked me what was i doing on the terrace the last day? I told her that i heard some noise and was worried about her. She smiled at me and told me what had happened. Her husband had an affair before marriage which he still continues to have. I consoled her and we talked for a long time till the evening. She had to return home as it was time for her husband to come home. Our meeting on the terrace continued, rather increased as the days passed. She shared all sorts of things with me. Once we got to the topic of my girlfriend. She enquired whether i had had any sort of physical relation with any girl. As we were quite open i answered her question. I told her that whenever i tried to get physical with girls they broke up. She laughed out loud and asked are you so bad at it?? To which i replied why don’t you try me out and check it. We both stopped laughing and looked into each other’s eyes and we kissed. After sometime she suddenly broke the kiss and got up and left. I was happy for our first kiss as well as sad that she left in such a way.

For a next few days she did not talk to me much and never mentioned about the kiss too. Later i came to know from her talks that her husband was going out for a business trip for a few days. I knew that this was my chance to make things happen between us as she would be alone at home. Few days later Sheela’s husband went out of town for a week.

Next day when i met Sheela and i asked her had she forgotten about the coffee which she had offered me for. She said she remembers it very well and asked me when i was coming over for a coffee. I replied to it promptly and said how about now?? She said ok and we walked into her apartment. I locked the door behind me. We sat and talked for a while. I cracked some non-veg jokes and we laughed a lot and then Sheela winked at me and said she is going to the kitchen to make coffee. I was quiet surprised by her wink as she never did it before. I quickly followed her to the kitchen. She was standing near the platform wearing a tight salwar-kameez which showed all her curves which was making my dick hard. I gathered some courage and went near her and kept my hand on her waist and said she was looking amazing today. She did not react to my touch, this gave me more courage and i held her waist and turned her around, looked into her eyes and kissed her lips. She was shocked and pushed me away and said Aman this is wrong!! I was in no mood to listen; i held her hands and again kissed her lips. This time she hesitated a bit but later responded back to my kiss. I slowly let her hands go and moved my hands to her waist. She was enjoying the kiss and started to moan slowly. After around 10-15 minutes we broke the kiss and i picked her up in my arms and carried her to the sofa. I was sitting on the sofa she quickly got up and sat on my laps facing me and we again started to smooch. Sheela was getting horny every minute and so was i.

I started moving my hands on her back; slowly i shifted them to her milky boobs, cupping them in my palms. We broke the kiss and i removed her kameez. The look of her boobs made me go crazy!! Milky white boobs in a black lacy bra. I started kissing her neck then moved to her boobs, i kissed and squeezed them over the bra. Sheela started removing my shirt as i played with her boobs. I picked her up and pinned her on the sofa. Sheela was lying on the sofa and i kissed and licked her belly button, she moaned louder. I opened the string of her salwar and pulled it out. She was wearing a black panty. The sight of her slender legs aroused me. My dick was dying to come out and enter her pussy. Her panty was already wet with her juices. I rubbed her pussy over the panty and teased her. I kissed her pussy and pulled down her wet panty with my teeth, now kissing and licking her inner thighs. Her pink pussy was shining with her juices. I moved my hand over her pussy and massaged it slowly; her pussy was smooth and hairless. Sheela moaned out loud and said please fuck my pussy i haven’t had a dick in a month!! I inserted my middle finger in her hole; she was really tight down there. I slowly started moving my finger in and out of her pussy. Sheela was going crazy and was squeezing her boobs and continued moaning loudly. I fingered her to orgasm. She squirted out her juices on me palm.

It was my turn now. Sheela got down on her knees and took my dick out of its cage. She was amazed by its size and started to play with it. She kissed my dick and suddenly took it in her mouth. It was the first time i was getting a blowjob. She licked it and moved it in and out of her mouth. I was about to cum so i asked her to stop. I carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I leaned over her and removed her bra, her boobs sprang out and i started sucking her nipples and squeezing them. Her nipples were hard, bite one of them and she moaned. Now, Sheela begged me to fuck her hard. I teased her by rubbing my dick on her pussy. I pushed my dick slowly in her pussy. She shouted with pain as she was still very tight and asked me to go slow. I bend down and kissed her on her forehead and then her lips. Meanwhile i gave a jerk and half of my dick was in. I started moving in and out and within a few strokes i was completely inside her. Sheela was enjoying my dick and moaning loudly. As i rammed her pussy i sucked her boobs as well. After fucking her for 5 minutes in this position, we got into doggy style and again started our fucking session. I could see her cute ass hole. I asked her if i could fuck her ass hole, with a loud no she continued moaning. Within 5-10 minutes Sheela had had 2-3 orgasms. I was also about to cum and so was she, Sheela commanded me to cum in her pussy as she wanted to enjoy every bit of it. In not more than a minute i discharged all my semen in her pussy and Sheela also came at the same time. Both of us were exhausted and lied down on the bed in each other’s arms smooching. We slept for an hour or so. I woke up when Sheela was down at my knees sucking my dick. We had many fucking sessions that day and continued fucking for rest of the week. I still sneak into her house and we have awesome sex whenever her husband is not home.


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