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Apni ras se bhari maa ki udasi aur jisam ki aag ko maa ki jabardast chudai karke door kiya aur maa ko kaam sukh diya

I’m from a Punjabi family, and just want to be know by K. (this is a real story and I don’t want anyone to
know who I really am). My father is a alcoholic and once he started to drink he will drink for days. My mom is a simple lady. I’m the eldest and I have one sister. My mom really gone through difficult time bringing us up. I didn’t continued my studies to the higher level because I wanted to help my mom with the finance. So I started to work in a factory. After her secondary school level, my sister started to work and help and 1 year later she got married. Now I’m 20 and my mom is 39, just called as M.

I realized my mom was getting sad since my sisters was not around. I have a pity on my mom and 1 day I went to her……

I : Mom, how’re u ? I’m so sorry as all this years I was not so obedient to you. I even was rude and use to show my anger to you…please forgive me.

Mom : Ooh no putte(means son)……don’t think about that….. you are a good son, I forgive you. Only you now is helping with the house finance. You’re the man of the house now.
I : I promise mom…..from today onwards I will take care of you and make you happy always.
Mom : Thank you son….

From that day onwards I want to make my mom happy, and I always be good to her. My father as usual, sometimes ok and most of the time drunk. I never let my father shout to my mom anymore when I’m around. I always give her a hug when going to work and coming back. My mom looks happy that day onwards. We were becoming so close, and sometime I brought her shopping for house things. I’m always alone with my mother. I even change my work time form shift work to normal time so that I will be at home every night to take care of my mother.

I begin to kiss her cheek when hugging her and my mom was happy that I’m close to her. Later I was starting to have a hard on every time I hug her.

At first I was ashamed of myself but later I realize that I want her. That really make my heart beat fast when I think of that.

Then 1 day I looked at her up and down when she was facing her back to me, and I feel that I want to have sex with her ! I don’t believe myself that I want to fuck my own mother ! She told me once that I’m the man of the house now, so now I want her as my woman too. Well, I think my mother is a woman for the man of the house, as I’m the man of the house now, so she is for me. I dare not ask her for sex, so I only can hope that 1 day she will be horny for me. So I begin to get closer to her and hold her face and talk really soft and sweet to her. It seems she was getting happier with me. I started to plan to bed her.

The 1 day, when I came back from my work late at around 11.20pm., my mom came and hug me straight after she open the door for me. I asked her why….

Mom : Your father nearly beat me today……he was drunk and was treating me and asking money from me. I became really afraid…..
She was crying…….
I : How dare he do that to you !! I will teach him a lesson…..
Mom : No son…… I just want you to be near me, please

She hug me crying and I really had pity on her. I sit her on the sofa and have my dinner near her. She was really shivering. My sister was also there as she came that evening to attend a relative wedding the next day. My father was sleeping in his room, and my mom never let me to tell him anything.

After I taken my dinner I ask her to sleep but she was too afraid to sleep alone. My sister had gone to bed.

Mom : I’m very afraid son……please be with me…
I : ok mom, you come and sleep in my room, ok
I : Sleep mom, I’m here….don’t be afraid,
Mom : Ok son….but please leave the dim light on…

I on the dim light to the dimmest and I lay on my bed. My cock was really getting hard, because I’m laying one room with my mom. I was tired so I slept……and when I open my eyes I saw my mother sitting on the bed. I asked her…….

I : Mom, why are you not sleeping ?
Mom : I can’t sleep son…… I had no peace….

I : No peace…?

I got up and went to her and sit beside her. I hold her shoulder and quickly she hug me tight. I felt my lund jump…..and I hug her back. Just imagine…in the same room and on 1 bed, me and my mother hugging each other tight. Slowly I break the hug and hold her face with my hands…..

I : Why mom…….why’re you not in peace ? I’m here and no one will hurt you, ok…..
Mom : Son…. I’m afraid that I will be left alone….
I : Mom…. I will never ever leave you….. I promise….
Mom : Really son……? Will you be here always ?
I : Yes mom…. Here, let me come to your side….

I got by her side and got the 1 part of the blanket on me. I hug her and with one hand I hold her face……..

I : No mom……don’t ever think that I will leave you, ok….. I will always by your side. No one can ever point finger at you, mom….
My mom started to cry….. I hold her face and wipe her tears and I kiss her right and left cheeks.
Mom : I’m just afraid putte…. I have no one else now…it’s only you.
I : Mom….look at me….. I want to get more close to you, mom….you must trust me… You must believe me….
Mom : I want to trust and believe you son…… I’m just so sad and afraid, that’s all.
I : We must do something mom….

Mom : What ?
I touch her lips with my finger….
I : I want to kiss your lips, mom…..
Mom : But son….. I…….I……
Very slowly I brought her face near me and I kiss her lips softly…… Then again I kiss and I felt a bit of response from her.
I : Mom…. I will never leave you….. I will be with you and I want to be with you…. I want to sleep with you…
Mom : Son… we are mother and son….

I : Is it just because of that we can’t be together ? Ok, mom…. We do it like this… for the wedding today, as you’re going, bring along a blue suit and the pink colour suit with you for tonight dinner…
Mom : For what ?? I don’t have a plain pink colour suit….. The pink I have is with a bit of pattern inside…

I : Yes..ok…. If you agree, at the dinner you wear the pink one, and when I saw the pink suit, that means you answer is “yes”, so I will bring you back and we will make love as a man and woman.

If you wear the blue one, that means your answer is “no”, so I won’t ask you anything else, mom…. I will just quiet and I must stay a bit far from you so can forget all this…
Mom : No….. you can’t stay far from me…. I will die….

I : As I told you mom….. we must do this so that we can be more closer and you will have that peace…. Don’t say anything else, and I think it’s time for you to wake up…I kiss her lips again and remind her again about the suit.

My mother and my sister left that morning to our relative house. My sister,s husband will go straight to the dinner and later my sister will go back with them back to their house. so I will be alone with my mother as my father will be at work. I hope to see her in the pink suit and to fuck her form my heart that night.

So… it’s time for the dinner….. I dress up with a nice turban and nice shirt and pants. My heart was beating fast for the results I’m going to get from my mom.I arrived at the dinner that was held at a hall. My eyes was looking around for my mother but I couldn’t find her, so I join my friends for few glasses of beer. After about 20 minutes I saw the figure of my mother in the pink suit ! I was going to jump with joy……and my lund really became so hard. My lund is going to enter the pudhi of my mother tonight ! That is something great and scary. Am I ready to fuck her tonight ? Will I be able to do it and satisfy her ? I know I will !

My mom came to me and told me not to drink too much. She smile at me and I smile back….

I : Mom….we go back early…ok ?
Mom : Ok putte…..

I was so excited about that night…. How is it going to be ? Later we decided to go back as my sister also have left. I put the helmet for my mother and as she sat on my motorbike, I told her to come closer. Then I make sure her hands hold me tight as I wear a jacket so that no one can see my mother’s hands hugging me tight.

Reaching home, my mom open the gate and locked it back after we get in. Then she came and opened the door.After I parked the motorbike we get in the house and close the door. We hug each other tight and then our lips gets together slowly and start kissing. We kiss each other lovingly and softly. Then…..

Mom : Oooh…putte…. I’m afraid ?
I : Why mom ??
Mom : How if anyone find out ? What will happened ?
I : Mom….no one will ever know…. We’re in our own house.
I kiss her lips again tightly…..as she response and hug me tight and kiss me back.
I : Mom…go and light the oil lamp…. I will off the lights and come…

My mom went into her bedroom and light the oil lamp that she will light every night. I took off my turban and put it on the sofa and after offing all the lights I went into my mother bedroom and lock the door. At last the night came… I was very anxious and awaiting for this moment to be with my mother in her bedroom with the door locked, replacing my father. I lost my breath… Yes! My mother was sitting on the bed waiting for me, and I sat beside her.

I : Don’t worry mom….. no one will ever know. By wearing this pink suit you agreed and now it’s time for our union. I have a request mom…..
Mom : What is it….putte ?

I : For this first time let me to undress you, mom. Lucky is the son who got to strip naked his mother….and mom, this is my wish… that you know, understand, and share in my happiness at what is about to happen to us. Mom, my love, what we are going to do is considered an abomination by some. It is incest,…. mom,…. you know that it is incest for a son to make love to his mother, but this is my dream and this is what I want…..to have you fully and to be your man. For me this is love.

I stand up and pull her up and hag and we kiss for few minutes. While kissing I unzip her dress and she pull it down her legs and put it aside. I take off her hair clips 1 by 1 and put them on a box beside us. After her hair was loose, she really looks beautiful. I unhooked her bra and throw it down. My mom’s breast was small and lovely.

I : I like them…..they belong to my beloved mother….

My mom give me a smile…. I took off my shirt and put it aside. Then I took off my pants and also the short I use to wear under my pants. Now I only standing in front of my mother with my underwear. While kissing I pull open my mom salwar’s nala, I loosen her salwar and let it drop. My mom took it out of her legs and put it aside. We kiss again, and then I went and lay on the bed and cover myself with blanket. I call her to lay by my side. My lund was so hard waiting for the mom and son union. We hug and kiss and I put her hands on my lund on my underwear. She rub it and it was getting harder and I can feel it’s beating like a heart.

I took off my hand and she continue to rub my lund and we kiss passionately, with one of my hand rubbing her breast. Then I took off my underwear and throw it down, my mom hold my lund and shake it up and down slowly. I was getting so excited and want to fuck fast, but I want to fuck her slowly and lovingly. I know that’s how she likes it. Many times I peep her fucking with my father when I was much younger and they will fuck slowly under the blanket. My mom love to fuck with the light on or with the oil lamp with her bangles making sweet sound and that’s how I was able to watch them many times.

I was so happy because now it’s me with her on the same bed, under the same oil lamp light with her bangles making the same sound, that really make me horny. Then I went on top of her and we continued to kiss. I went down to her legs, and I hold her legs and kiss them and I rub her pudhi on her panty. She was already wet and waiting for my lund to get in her. Then I pull off her panty and lay on top of her and we kiss again. I take her hand and put it on my lund and she hold it.

I : Mom….put it in your pudhi a bit then I will push it in.
Mom : Ooohhh……son, I hope no one will find out about this……. I will die……
I : No mom……no one will know and nothing will happen…. I’m always with you…..

So, she took my lund and guided the head to her wet pudhi lips. She rubbed the purple tip of my organ up and down her hairy groove, mixing her son’s pre-cum with the slickness of her pudhi juices. Her fingers spread her hairy lips open and the head of my lund entered her . I shiver when I feel my lund had enter her pudhi, I got so excited and we kiss. I push it in slowly and I sank my rigid lund into my mother’s warmth and wetness, feeling the silky smooth tunnel of her pudhi swallowing my lund inch by inch. My whole body quivered with the feeling of being inside of my mother’s body. The tactile sensation of her fluids, the rippling of her pudhi as it accommodated the girth and length of my hard lund. She hug me tight as my lund went inside her. “Ohhhhh!!” my mother moaned as I (HER OWN SON) inserted my lund inside her.

Then I stop and we look at each other and I smile at her. I give myself a “well done” as I succeed to seduce and get my lund into my mother’s pudhi. Slowly I lowered my body down until I rested completely on top of my mother’s small body. I kissed her lips, my tongue sought her tongue. I gently moved my upper torso back and forth, dragging the chest across my mother’s erect nipples.

Mom : Push slowly son…….don’t be rough…..
Mom : No mom…. I will fuck you slow and lovingly….. I promise…..

I began to slowly move my hips up and down, pulling my lund in and out of my beloved mother’s pudhi. It was just an inch or two at first, in and out, in and out, up and down. I pushed the hard cock back deep inside her warm wetness. I could feel my foreskin retract as I went in and roll back over as I pulled out. It was so wonderful and it feels so much better than my fuck with others. I couldn’t believe that I’m on top of my own mother and pumping her. We fuck and kiss…… my mother’s thighs rose up from the bed as she hooked her legs around her son’s thighs and buttocks.

My mom was so wet and all the her juices feels so good touching my lund……. Wow !! Never before in my life I feel so wonderful ! I continued fucking my mom and we kiss passionately…… later we are in the rhythm fucking each other. This first night is really important for me, I must fuck her from my heart, make her cum and give her orgasm. I want a long relationship with my mother, not a one night stand.

I can feel my mom moving up and down slowly fucking me…….. I want this fuck to last long, I want to feel her and I want to satisfy her good. I want to make her forget my father and be mine alone, so that I can fulfill my lust with her every day. I began to move my cock in and out of her faster now, the sensations coursing through me, like the blood pumping through my heart. I realized through my lust-induced haze that I’m inside of my own mother, I’m fucking my mother, my cock is buried deeply inside my luscious mother’s wet pussy.

I slid my arms under my mother’s sweaty back and pulled her to me tightly, her breasts flattening against my chest. I kissed my mother’s mouth powerfully, my tongue meeting hers, dancing in our saliva. Mother and son were joined together – cock in cunt, and mouth to mouth – in same room, same bed, where my father use to fuck her. The light from the oil lamp glinting off of the sweat soaked bodies of mother and son as they made love on the bed.

I drove my cock deep into my sweet mother’s pudhi, pressing her ass into the mattress underneath her. I could feel the head of my lund lodge against my mother’s cervix, which made her moan. I pulled back and withdrew my cock until I nearly came out of her completely. Her pelvis rotated upwards as she tried to recapture and take me deep inside her again. I plunged back into her wetness again and again.

My beloved mother slid both hands down along my sweat-covered back to my buttocks and clasped both ass-cheeks in her hands. She squeezed and pulled my ass as I pistoned my cock in and out of her pudhi.

Slowly, lovingly, I stroked myself into her as she accepted me willingly and totally. I slowly started to pull back, and my mom’s eyes closed and she took a deep breath in and moaned. Then I slowly thrust back in, listening to the squishing sound of her wet pudhi. I slowly started to build up the rhythm again… in and out, in and out. With each thrust in my mom emitted quiet “ugh”. That encouraged me to pick up the pace even more. As I did so, I could feel and hear her cunt getting wetter by the thrust.

I continued to thrust and faster until my mom wrapped her legs around me and made even more noise with each thrust. I lowered my head and began to lick my mother’s left nipple with my tongue, I could feel the cum building in my scrotum and knew I had little time left before I cum. As we fuck each other faster, the bed was making a bit of sound, and the sweet sound of her bangles makes me pump faster and faster.

Our fucking gets a bit faster……we look into each other’s eyes as we fuck, through her eyes I know she is enjoying this union. As I fuck her and continued kissing her, I feel our love juices mixed and flowing down. She pulled me into her on my butt, which in turned pulled me harder into her pudhi.

The pace was getting so fast that I knew I was getting close to having an orgasm. I looked into my mom’s eyes then and could tell that she was getting close to having orgasm too. I slowed my thrusting to a stop with my lund completely inside of her. I then adjusted my weight a little and had she put her hands above her head. Then I interlocked my hands with her hands and place my weight on my elbows so we were face to face. She dropped her feet back to the bed so that her legs were completely spread. Then I gave her a long, delicate kiss on the lips and whispered into her ear, “I love you mom, thank you.”

From there I positioned my weight on her hands so that our fingers and hands stayed interlocked. I slowly started to pull out, and then thrust back in. Our eyes made contact then, and they locked together. I continued to thrust into her at a faster pace. The sucking sounds coming from her pudhi started to get louder, followed by the sounds of my flesh slapping hers. The whole time our eyes and hands stayed locked together. I could tell by looking into her eyes that she was going to orgasm at any second. Her grip on my hands was tightening. Her cunt was starting to contract around my penis. I thrust at a steady pace and used long quick strokes to prolong our fucking.

I : Ooohhhh….mom….. I love you so much…..
Mom : I love you too son……. Yes, don’t leave me…… I need you…..
I : I wouldn’t leave you mom….. I promise……

As I pump her a bit faster…. I got lost in this love making with my own mother. I only want her to be with me…….. I don’t bother about anything else. As our fucking and kissing goes on….. I release her hands and she put her hands on my shoulder receiving every stroke I was giving her. Her moaning was getting faster and I know she is close to cum…….. I fuck her faster and she does the same…….. we fuck and fuck and the sound ….. chaaaap…..chaaaap…..chaaaap……chaaap of my flesh slapping hers and the sound of her bangles fills the room.

I planted both my hands on either side of my mother and leaned over her more as I thrust into my mother again making her gasp with the sexual excitement, our hot, sweaty bodies joined at the middle in this taboo coupling.

Finally, I could hold it no longer…….

Still thrusting into her at a slowing pace and still looking into her eyes I said, “I love you bii…. Thank you.”

She responded by saying. “putte!… Ahhh… I love you too… Uhhh…” And then she started to orgasm…….

My mom’s body went completely stiff. Her breathing stopped, her grip on my body tightened, and her cunt rhythmically contracted and clamped down on my lund sending me into ecstasy with her. With our eyes still locked I pumped my lund into her with slow, deliberate strokes and shot my cum deep inside of her as my lund went through thousands of spasms out of control. Spurt after spurt of my love and appreciation for her shot into her depths as her cunt continued to contract around my lund. Finally, after almost a minute, the contractions and spasms started to fade. Finally I just collapsed on top of her with my head next to hers.

After her powerful orgasm, my mother opened her eyes, looked up at me and said,” YOUR FATHER DIDN’T FUCK ME LIKE THIS! “I love you putte!… Thank you,” she whispered in my ear.

“I love you too mom, and thank you too for this wonderful time,” I replied.

She kissed me on the lips and said, “it is so nice to be fuck by my own son.” We laid there for some time, then slept in each other’s arms. Later early that morning we fuck again by laying side by side. This time the fucking was slow and it lasted longer. With the two fucking section with my my own, innocent and beloved mother, I feel more like in love with her. I’m going to love her, make love to her and take care of her as long as I can. That’s my promise to my mother.


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