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Beach House

My grandparents used to have a beach house. When they weren't using it, they let any of the family members use it. During college, I'd often go their on my breaks. One year, I brought my friend Allie.

Since she was my guest, I gave her the master bedroom, which was the largest bedroom and faced the ocean. It had a sliding glass door that lead onto a small balcony. (The ground floor had a larger deck with the BBQ and deck table and chairs where we all hung out, ate and drank). The guest bedroom was also on the second floor, but didn't face the ocean.  There was also a bathroom on the second floor, with a small window.

The balcony, being on the second floor and facing the ocean, was essentially private. Standing on it, you could look down on people on the deck or beach, but from below, you couldn't see up. For this reason the small balcony felt very private. So it wasn't that surprising when I noticed that Allie was relaxing on the deck chair sunning European style. Since she was just kicked back, and soaking up sun, I didn't think much of it.

After I took my shower, and while drying off, I couldn't help but glance out the small window to see if Allie was still taking a European sunbath. To my surprise, she'd slipped her hands into her bikini bottoms, and was slowly rubbing herself. I couldn't help but stay at the window and watch, letting my hand find my own body, and match her rhythm all the way to a silent shared orgasm.


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