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Behan ko uske aashik ke sath chudai ki yaad dilakar maine uski pyasi choot me apne lund ka pani barsaya

 I am Anmol from Jaisalmer studying BBA. I am of 5’8″, with an average build body. This my real story of a
fatefull night with my elder sister Anu in a hotel.
My 12th boards were over, and I was free. Anu, 2 years older than me had come home from college in Sikkim. When were vacations were about to be over, Dad asked me to leave her to her college in Sikkim. Since I was free, I immediately agreed. I thought in this way I could see Sikkim as well. So we board a train 3 days later, and we reached Gangtok(capital of Sikkim).

Since she stayed in college girls hostel, I obviously wasnt allowed to stay there. And since it was my first time alone, Dad told Anu to stay with me in the hotel till I stayed there, and attend college in the day from there.

About my sister Anu, she was then a 21 year old girl with a bit dusky complexion but with a very pretty face and a mystic eyes like a cat. She had a 34-24-34 figure with a nice bulging ass and 5’4″ tall. Hair was straight and came to belly length. All in all, not a typical sweet girl, but a dusky sensuous lady. I always had fantasized her but never had the courage to do anything at home. But now in the hotel with amazing scenery around, I was getting already aroused.

1st day, and Anu came back to hotel at the evening. Since both were very tired, we decided to stay in the hotel only and rest. We had dinner soon, after she had bathed. But all this time she busy texting over the phone.

When I tried to pip in, but she used to turn away the phone from me. I understood it was bf Danny, about whom she hadn’t told me till then because he was a Christian. We then had dinner in the room only, and when she had finished her dinner and went to wash her hands, I immediately took her mobile which she had left on the bed. There was an unread msg from someone, and the msg read, “Hav diner well darling, n then sleep well thinking about me…god i am dying to hold n suck your boobs soon. Cum soon from hotel. Gn, tc”. Seeing the msg, I understood it was her bf, and she had code named his contact. I immediately forwarded that msg to my mobile, and then at that Anu returned and was shocked to see me holding her mobile and screamed “Amo, mobile rakho mera, badmash”..

Me- “Acha main badmash, aur tum??”
Anu(fumbling)- “k..k..kya badmashi haan?”
Me- “Yeh DNE kaun hai aur yeh itni gandi msg kyun kar raha tumhe”
Anu- “Galti se mujhe bhej diya hoga…”
Me- “Accha galti se usey tum hotel pe ho ye bhi pata chal gaya hai, haan?? Jaldi se bolo…kaun hai woh, aur kya kya huwa hai tum logo ke beech warna….main yeh msg Papa ko dikha dunga…Pura full details chahiye, kyunki mujhe pata chal gaya hai tum dono ke karnaamey…”
Anu- “Kya!!! Badmash, sharm nai aati hai….”

Me- “Details…warna(shows the msg in the phone)…Papa”
Anu- “Kya!!! Nahi nahi, batati hoon…”
And then we went to bed and sleeping face to face, she began her story….
“Uska naam hai Danny, haan woh Christian hai…humlog 1st year se bf-gf hai…”
Me- “ok….ab direct uss non-veg part par jao”
Anu- “huh…badmash…batati hu…”

She continued…
Issi baar ki baat hai, humlog wapas Delhi aa rahe the…par thand ke mausam or kohra(fog) ke karan train 11 hours late thi…toh raat ka time tha…humlogo ne ek hotel liya…uske niche ek pub aur disco bhi tha…hum log waha gaye…aur 3-3 shot tequila piye aur tab tak naache jab tak thak na gaye…karib, 2 hours baad, hum dono room par aaye aur dono nashe mein hone ke karan horny the ekdum, aur make-out kiye….khatam”
Me- “Khatam? Details…….”
Anu- “Aur kya details du…ullu…woh sab private hai…aur tum mere bhai ho, kaise bata sakti hu tumhe?”
Me- “Woh sab nahi pata, batao warna….”
Anu- “huh…ekdum jiddi ho tum bhi…tum sab ladke logo ka bas yehin sab na–non veg baatein….thik hai…batati hoon..”

She continued…
Hum room pe pohuche aur hum turant kiss karne lagey…ekdum bhukharo ki tarah kiss kar rahe the…french kiss…phir woh mera boobs dabane laga dress ke upar se hi…par dikkat hone ke wajah se usne mera one piece dress ko utar diya…aur mein bas bra aur panty mein hi thi…phir woh mujhe thode der tak nihara…phir kiss kiya mere gaal, hoth, kaan, gardan par…aur phir ek jhatke mein mera bra phad kar khol kar, mere boobs ko mashal aur chush raha tha…

(Telling all this, I can clearly see lust in Anu’s eyes and her constant shifting of her legs and pillow in between them)

Main ekdum madhosh uske baalon ko jakar kar pakdi thi..aur jor jor se uuhhh aaahhh kar rahi thi….woh phir apna dusra haath mere panty ke niche le jaa raha tha…meri panty ekdum bheeg chuki thi…par maine control kiya aur bola ki plz shadi se pehle sex nahi…kyunki tabhi tum purey se mere apne hogey..aur woh mushkuraya aur maan gaya…aur unglee karne laga, kabhi kiss karta toh kabhi chusta, ek haath se boobs dabata toh dusri haath se ungli…main bhi uski puri body chum rahi thi aur ek haath se uski 6″ ki lund mashal rahi thi…mujhe puri tarikey se tharak chad gayi thi…bohot jyada majaa aaha tha…hum dono ek saath ejaculate kiye aur apni tadap aur pyas mitaye….kayein baar uss raat..kabhi nahi bhul payoongi uss lust-passion-desire bharey raat ko….lo ab suna diya…ab delete karo uss msg ko…

Saying this, she grabed the mobile from my hand, but in that process she brushed against my erect dick, following which she got embarassed…and got up and went to bathroom..

I closely put my ears on the door and patiently waited to hear any sound…after a few minutes I could hear faint sounds of heavy breathing and occasional low moans…I understood, she was fingering herself, which made me more hot and my penis more erect. I then went to bed and laid in such a position to show-off my tent in the shorts to her.

After few more minutes, she came out of the bathroom with her sleevless tight top and her mini skirt. She was wet, maybe she had freshened up, so her long hair were bit wet and water running down her cleavage and wetting the top making the shape of boobs over the top more prominent..God she was looking a Sex Goddess.

She came and slept besides me facing me, her cleavage now more prominent and her smooth meaty thighs catching my attention.

Me- “Kahan itna der laga di?”
Anu- “Tum se kya matlab? Chup chap so jao”

I got more close to her, less than 30cms. In that process she too had seen my erection despite the dim lighting.

Me- “Ungli kar rahi thi na….?”
Anu- “Shut up Amo…”
Me- “Bolo warna main Papa ko tum dono ki relationship ke baare…….”
Anu(interuptingly)- “Haan kar rahi thi!!…main jawan hogayi hu Amo..bacchi nai…its been 3 months…I miss Danny…but….”
Me- “but kya….?”
Anu- “Pad woh mera apna nai huwa hai ab tak, ishliye thoda daar bhi lagta hai….”

Me getting bold by the bold words of my sister, hold her by her waist and bring her body in total contact with mine, my erect dick pocking her thighs. Anu surprised at this suden advance from mine but not much struglling, just a lil bit.

Me- “Anu di, main toh tumhara apna hu na….plz apne iss bhai ko apna loh…I really love u….and I wont like anyone breaking ur virginity other than yours own…thats me”
Anu- “Nahi Amo…yeh galat hai…hum dono behen-bhai hai..”
Me- “toh behen-bhai ke bich pyar nai hota? Aur pyar ki boundary kisne banai hai….dont u luv me sis?”
Anu- “Haan….magar…”
Me- “aapne hi kaha tha–kisi apne ke saath hi karna pasand hoga aur aap tadap bhi rahi hai lust or desire se…”

Anu begins to cry….I horny as hell begin to lick her tears off her cheecks and eyes…holding her by her waist and stroking her thighs with another hand…she begins to breath heavily…and mutter….”No Amo…noooh…ummm…naahhh….aaamoohh….yeesss….aaaaahhhhh…

Seeing her moan, I get more encouraged, and plant my lips on hers, and plant a deep tongue kiss…we both kiss hungrily for around 5mins or so, sucking, bitting, kissing, scratching…in the mean time I even kiss and suck her ears, neck, shoulders, cleavage…

She getting immense pleasure from these acts, hold up her body to me, I getting the cue open her top n bare her chest with the bra on…I begun to cup her boobs over the bra and kiss her cleavage..she in ecstacy pulls open the straps of her bra…to release free her dusky 34C boobs with dark pinkish brown erect nipples…I begin to feast on one boob, suckling and bitting the nipple…and pressing and tinkling and playing the other boob with one hand…My other hand had reachd her panty and playing over the hot and wet area with my fingers circling over the panty and Anu was like..”ummm…aaahhh….yeahhh Aamoo yesss…ufffhhh..uuhhh…ummm..”

I already had opened my tshirt and her hand was inside my shorts playing with my erect dick..I toh ejaculated once in her hand only…after which she opened my shorts and begun to lick my penis…I seeing the chance, shoved my dick in her mouth holding her by her head…Man what a blow job she gave…I released the whole load in her mouth, and it overflowed from her mouth…

Then I opened her panty, and begin lick, bite her clit and vulva and simultaneously fingered her wet and hot pussy….She went totally beserk and begged; “Aamooooh….enter me…enter me…I want u to enter me bh**sdike…..chut marr meri benc**d…bana le apni randi teri …le meri chut…phad de isse….aahhh…”

Me getting the green signal, spitted on my 7″ red hot like rod, dick and holding by her hair, turning to the doggy position, another hand holding her boobs, rammed my dick inside her wet pussy…leting her scream…I thrusted more letting my whole dick going inside her hot love hole…and Anu screaming “aaaaahhhhhhhhh…!!!!”

Then I begun to move my dick in and out slowly fluidly, making a momentum…leting her gasp with erotica…breathing heavily..”uuuhhhh …aaaahhhhh…ummmh….yeahhh…Amo, yes baby yes, more….more….aaahhhh….yeahh….harder harder….aa aaaahhhhh.. ohhh…yesss baby…..yesss….Aaamoohhh!!”

Saying We both cummed (ejaculated)….and had tremendous orgasm…

And then we lied down like dead people for a while…before again resuming our wild, hot and raunchy and sensous sex, now in commisionary position facing each other, suckling-pressing her boobs, deep tongue kissing and kissing her entire silky sensous sexy body, sometimes I on top and sometimes she on top screaming hornyly “phadd do….aaahh….chodoun aur chodoun….aurrr….aaahhh….Amo, apni raand bana le mujhe….phadd de chut mera!!!! Ummm….yeahhh…..hhaaahhhn…”

And we cum again….this continued for 1 more time that night and the other night as well at the hotel(I even ass fucked her the other night…aaahh…what a big round curvy ass to fuck…god, I spanked, she moaned loudly and I fucked) and countless more nights henchforth.


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