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Dost ki behan ke pair me chot lagne par uske pair ki massage karte karte uski kamsin sealband choot ki massage bhi kar dali

 First let me tell you about myself. I am 6ft tall and have an average built. My dick is nearly 6inches (average)
but its thick. This incident happened with me nearly 6 months back in 2008. I don’t give massage as a profession but then i have fairly a good idea how to do it. I have a friend raja and he has a sister who just turned 18. Her name is pari. She is 5’5” tall and has good curves in the right places. Till until then i used to look upon her as my sister and so had no such wet feelings about her. Coming to the story pari knew that i was good at massaging as i had given massage to her brother when he had a back ache. So 1 day pari called me up and asked me to come to her home as she had some work. As being my friend’s sister we were very frank and her calling me as such was not a surprise. So i went to her home and rang her door bell. She opened the door. She was in a nighty reaching below her knees. I went in and sat on the sofa. On asking about raja and her parents she said that they have gone to another town for a marriage and she was feeling very lonely so thought of calling me. Her family was expected back the next day. She went in the kitchen and brought a glass of water. She was limping as if her right foot is all broken. I asked her about her leg. She said she twisted it that very morning while trying her high heel sandals. I asked her to show me her foot. I was seated on the double seat sofa. She came and sat near me and raised her foot and kept it on my thighs. I examined her foot and twisted it left and right, up and down. She closed her eyes as soon as i touched her foot. Then there were some cries from her as i twisted her foot. There was some pain but then her pain was back to normal. I told her to rest for a few minutes before walking. She then told me that i was very good at my hands. I took it as a compliment and thanked her. She then asked if i could just massage her lower legs as it was paining because she was limping the whole morning. I said no problem. I asked her where she kept oil and she pointed me a bottle on the self in the kitchen. I went in. Took some oil in a container and just heated it a bit. I then returned back. As she was lying on the sofa it was difficult for me to massage her so i asked her to move to the bedroom. As i had asked her not to walk i thought lifting her to the bedroom would be a better option. I went in the bedroom kept the oil and returned to pick her up. I picked her up with my left hand under her ankles and my right hand passing in between her arms and resting just where my finger tips where brushing her boobs. Neither i nor she had any bad intensions till then. I placed her on the bed. I then sat on her right side near her legs. I lifted her nighty and placed it just above her ankles. I then poured some oil on her leg and began rubbing it. Her skin was very soft and felt like heaven touching her. I massaged both her legs. All the while she had her eyes closed and there were soft moans whenever i pressed hard on her legs.

After the massage she told me that i was really great and she can not imagine how it would feel to have a full body massage. I told her it feels great having a full body massage but then she can’t experience that pleasure in my hands. She, a little confused, asked me why. I said because of the simple reason that she’s a girl and moreover she’s my friend’s sister. She asked me that if she wouldn’t have been raja’s sister she could have experienced the feeling of a massage. I was shocked and i said maybe. She asked me that i should forget that she’s raja’s sister and i should give her the massage. I was shocked and said that i should leave. She again told me to give her the massage and not to worry about raja as he wouldn’t know anything about you coming today. I was really in a mess. I told her that it’s not possible as because for getting the massage she has to practically get nude. She said no problem. I said that she was out of her mind and i should leave. She again pleaded and however i tried to go she wouldn’t let me. After all i’m also a boy and couldn’t take it anymore so i said ok. She was so happy hearing the ‘ok’ that she jumped hugging me tight and her boobs got pressed against my chest. I asked her if she was wearing her inners and she said yes. I asked her to take of her nighty and to lie down on her stomach. I turned around and she lay down. I asked her to cover her lower back with a cloth and she did it. As i turned around i was in for a big surprise. She was lying on her stomach and her bra’s hook was visible from the back. Her butts were covered by a cloth but then the size of the butts was completely visible. My penis started to stir in my pants and i reminded it that she’s like my sister and i should not think like that about her. I then poured some oil on her back and began massaging but then her bra hook was coming in the way and i had trouble massaging her. She noticed it and asked me if she should open the hook and i said though it’s giving a hell lot of trouble yet i should let it remain there. She made a gesture that i was being very childish and opened the hooks herself. As she did it her boobs got freed from the cups and bulged out from the sides and my penis had a semi hard on. Then i looked her as a girl and not a sister. That was my mistake and it demolished all my convictions and value’s. All i thought was to fuck pari and not worry about the world. Therefore i resumed my massaging and started moving lower and lower on her back till i reached her panty line. I then removed her cover on her butts and saw her first piece of hidden flesh. Her panties were small and thus her butt cheeks were popping out from its sides. I then started massaging her butt cheeks. My god they were soft and my hands just couldn’t forget its feel. I then moved to her back again and started massaging her back paying more attention to the sides especially on the breasts which had popped out. I would massage her till i reached there and then would give it a slight press and she would moan a bit. Although i pressed it over her bra, which barely held her boobs inside, but was still covering it well. I then asked her to turn around as soon as she turned around my eyes shot out just looking at her boobs covered with the bra. I then poured oil on her tummy. She closed her eyes as the oil started flowing inside her belly button. I then started massaging her tummy going from side to side and i made sure that the tip of my finger always kept contact with the base of her boobs under her unhooked bra. I then put one finger inside her belly button and began pushing it inside and out. She was moaning very softly yet i could hear her. I knew she was hot.

I then poured oil on the area between her neck and boobs. The oil started flowing between her cleavage and it was a sight that could make any man cum inside his pants without a touch. I started massaging her neck and started massaging her upper boobs pushing down with every push. As the bra was already unhooked it began moving down and in few strokes it was below her boobs resting on her tummy. I then massaged her boobs directly making sure not to touch her nipples or her areoles. Her nipples were already standing and my teasing made her cum as i felt her shivering. Then i left her boobs giving a small press at the sides making the nipples jut out even more. I then moved to her legs again. This time i was massaging on her upper thighs. My fingers began to touch her panties elastic. I then massaged her inner thighs which was radiating heat. My hands were brushing on her pussy lips over her panty every time i moved my hands up. After about three or four of such touch she began pushing her body down so that my hand could touch more of her vertical lips. Next i told her i’ve massaged her complete body except a few places. She said that i should complete the job i’ve started. I said but i’m thirsty. She stood up and pulled me to her and gave me a kiss pushing her tongue between my lips. It happened so suddenly that i gasped for breathe breaking the kiss but as soon as i got my breathe i kissed her again more passionately and began drinking her saliva from her tongue. My right hand was on her butt cheeks and in her hair. We broke the kiss as we both got breathless. I then told her that i cannot have her until she has a bath as her body will taste of the oil. She again pulled me kissing me and began opening my shirt. After my shirt was pulled out she opened my belt and my jeans button and threw my cloths in a corner leaving me only in my underwear. She then caught hold of my hand and pulled me with her towards the bathroom. Once inside she turned the shower on and the water began to fall on both of our bodies. I moved closer to her and began kissing her again. My hands were pulling her body closer to me. Her boobs got crushed into my chest and my penis touched her pussy through the thin cover of two flimsy cloths. I took the soap from the self and began applying on her body after turning off the shower. I took longer time soaping her boobs and butts and belly button. I even soaped her legs and thighs completely. I again switched on the shower and began washing the lather of her body. After that i pulled her closer to me and started kissing her neck and shoulders and my right hand were on her left boobs and i began pressing them softly. I then lowered my mouth on her boobs and began sucking her nipples. I gave it a light bite and she let out a moan. I sucked her left boob first and then her right boob. She pulled me up and began kissing me again on my lips. Her hands rested on my penis over my underwear. My hand too found its way to her pussy over her panties.

I pulled her up in my arms and i then pushed her on the bathroom wall. She was in mid air, her legs crossed over my butts and her lips over mine. With one hand i held her and with the other i removed my underwear and pushed her underwear to one side. I then lowered her on my dick put then it wouldn’t go inside. She was a virgin. I then took some coconut oil and applied on her pussy carrying her in my arms as i moved to get the oil. I then fingered her hole. First with 1 finger and then 2. She was moaning all the time my fingers moved inside her. Then i took my dick and placed it on her hole. I lowered her slowly. My dick began sliding inside her. She bit her lower lips as my dick head went in. I then felt my dick knocking on her cherry. I pulled my self out a bit raising her in my arms then i pushed myself in with full force. She arched her head back as her cherry broke and then brought it back and rested it on my shoulders. Her nails were completely buried inside my back. I remained in that position so that her body could adjust to the foreign onslaught. She took out her nails from my back pulling with it some of my flesh too. She then moved her face from over my shoulders and brought it in front mine. I could clearly see there were some tear drops on her cheeks. She then caught my cheeks with her hand and gave me a very soft kiss on my lips. I knew she was ready for my movements. I began thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy first very slowly. She began moaning with each of my thrusts. But then they were moans of pleasure not of pain. I started pushing harder and faster and she began jumping up and down matching each of my thrusts. She came again. While she was coming she tightened her grip on me with her legs so that i could barely thrust. After she came she became mad and began pushing herself over me. I soon came after her. When i came i pinned her onto the wall and pushed in real deep and came deep inside her. After i came i could not move for nearly 2 minutes and we both remained in that position. After that i moved back and kept her back again on the floor all the time kissing her lips. She again started the shower and then she cleaned me and cleaned herself. We came back to her bedroom but her bed sheet was stained with oil so she pulled it off. I lay down and she lied beside me. We hugged again and kissed for a long time. After that i called home and said i was staying over at raja’s place and will come next morning. It was 5 in the evening. I then fucked her nearly 10 times over 14 hours. She gave me a blowjob too. Though i didn’t went down on her as i just can never lick a girl’s pussy as i feel like vomiting after doing so. Yet she didn’t mind that. After that we’ve never got an opportunity to be alone. 


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