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Maa ko kaamsukh dekar apna banaya-1
The story I am going to narrate is not a story. In fact it happened actually in the manner I am going to narrate it. Though it started as an accident but the subsequent developments can not be said to be accidents. I can not disclose my real name as I am a rich and famous man in India. For convenience you may call me B. Chandran, nick name Balu. The story starts when I was a 14-year-old boy studying in class 10. My father used to work in Railway as an officer. His duty hours were not defined. Often, he remained out of town. His office was 75 kms. Away from our town. As such, he would leave early in the morning at 05.00 a.m. And return after 10.00 p.m. My father, B. Panikkar, a 54 years old man, was a very good person. Though, he was not handsome, but o.k. I was their only child. My father was a little short heighten, only 4’9”. He was lean and thin and peach dark. He was always smiling. He loved me very much and used to bring me some gift daily. At times my mother would protest and says-“You are spoiling the kid.”

My mother, Ramanika, was 29 years old. She was tall, about 5’6”. She was very fair and slim. She was considered to be the most beautiful and charming woman in the locality and she was proud of that. Her physic was so that she looked quite younger than her actual age. Her facial expression had an innocent look like a kid. Mostly people thought her to be 20 or at times of 18. Though her look was like an innocent child but she was very much commanding. It was she who would prevail upon my father and take all decisions always. That way, my father was very submissive rather meek. She would never disclose her real age and enjoyed a lot when people guessed about her to be 20. Often people who did not know us considered her to be my sister. No one used to believe that she is my mother. Often people asked us if she was the second wife of my father and my step mom as there is was resemblances between us but for our height.

My mother came from a poor family, where as my father belonged to a very rich one. She was one of the four daughters of a poor shopkeeper. To be more specific the last one of the four named Latika, Vartika, Gopika, and Ramanika. Latika Masi was 4 years elder to my mother. All the four sisters were one year junior to their immediate senior one. All were extremely beautiful. But the most important feature was that due to some genetic specialty all of them looked about 10 years younger than their actual age. Latika Aunti was married to a business man. She had two daughters named Pinki who was 16 and Rozii who was 15. Vartika was married to a professor. She had one son of 15 named Gopu and a daughter of 14 named Rinki. Gopika was married to a Homeopath and had a girl named Lali who was of my age. All were quite well financially but the hubbies of all my aunties were much older than them. There was a difference of 15 to 20 years in every case. Probably my maternal grand pa could not afford dowry to arrange a proper match for his girls.

That was the main reason why my mother was married at the age of 14 years only to a man about 25 years older to her. My father was 39 years old though my Grand mother was only 34 and Grandfather only 36 at that time. One can imagine the mental agony of a girl being married to a man older than her father. Yet my mother managed. I told you my mother and aunties look quite younger than their actual age. This phenomenon came from my Granny Mrs. Madhavi, who at the age of 48 hardly looked to be 35.

I was born when my father was 40 and my mother only 15. I am slim with very sharp and attractive features, have got good height of 5’6”, may be from mother side, but peach dark color from father’s side. I like sports. I had a well-built body fit for a sports boy of 14 years. I was the captain of our school football team. My parent had another child, a girl, when I was 5 years old. She died in an accident, in which both my father and mother were also seriously injured. Father was hit on his genial parts and the doctors said that it would take long time to be normal and get back sexual and reproductive powers. Mother was hit on her head and remained unconscious for 7 days. I remained safe with some scratches on left hand. Our family had a great effect of this accident, which I could understand latter on.

As I told you, I was the only child of my parent. Both loved me very much. Since father was generally away, my mother used to teach me and help me in doing my home woks. When I was admitted in class 10 it became difficult for her as she was simply a matriculate. Yet she used to sits with me when I studied and was very strict about the quality and timings of my study and food. I was a careless boy. My mother used to help me in taking bath, particularly when I used soap. Though we use only coconut oil yet she loved to massage mustered oil on my whole body, particularly before bath, and put coconut oil in my hair and then mix it thoroughly. I, however, disliked it most and often had to face her anger when I refused or protest to have the same. There were three bed rooms in our house. Yet we used only one bedroom. It had a big bed sufficient for two persons, but we three accommodate anyhow. From the very beginning of my childhood I used to sleep with my parent. Usually I would sleep between my father and mother. My father will holds me from one side and my mother from the other side.

I used to go to the bed first and get out of it the last. My father would go to the bed next to me but used to leave it first of all to get ready for his office. My mother used to come to the bed last but would get out of it before me. She would keep morning breakfast ready in the night itself for father. As a routine father would get out of bed, complete his morning routine works, take bath, have a cup of tea which he would prepare himself, take the breakfast in Tiffin box and leave latest by 4.30 a.m. Mother and I would remain sleeping. He would shut the door while leaving without disturbing us. The door had automatic lock. Mother used to get up at 5.30 a.m. Generally my mother would wake me up at 6.00 a.m. Reminding that I am late for my tuitions. It was all going nicely till I passed class IX and was admitted in class X. The incident happened when I was in class X. My 15th birthday was celebrated. All the neighbors were invited. Some of our relatives also came. Out of them the most important was Latika Masi. I was very happy. Now I was a boy of 14 years. I thought I can shave like father and can use his razors. I never knew I would use lot many more important belongings of my father soon. The celebration ended at 11.00 p.m. After some work of arranging things we went to bed at about 11.45 p.m.

I still remember it was 17th September. My birth day function ended at about 11.00 P.M. The winds were a bit cold. Father and mother slept in the next room where as I slept in the same bed with Latika Masi. Some times in the mid night, I felt it very cold and wanted to hug father or mother for some warmness. As Latika Aunti was sleeping next to me I put my arm around her and embraced her from back. I was fully innocent and it was a usual act as I was doing with my father and mother while sleeping with them. But there was a difference at other side. Latika Mausi, after a while, took a turn and facing me she also put her arm around me. She remained in that position for some time and then slowly said-“Hooon?”

I did not notice it and slept as usual. Latika Aunti then put one of her hand in my hair and started combing it. I got up. She asked me-“ Balu are you sleeping?”

Balu is my nickname. Though I was not fully awakened but I said –“Oonn? Hoon.” Means yes.

Latika Aunti “What do you want?”


“You naughty boy! You embraced me. For what?

“For nothing. It is cold. That is why.”-I

“Do not make a fool of me. You tell me. I will not tell any body.”-L.A.

I did not understand what she wanted to tell me. So I took a turn and tried to sleep.

Latika Aunti immediately sat on the bed. Then she bent on my face and in whispering voice asked me “Are you so innocent? I do not believe. You are a grown up boy now and must be flirting with girls of your school. Isn’t it so?”

I was fully awakened now. Suddenly Latika Aunti kissed me on my cheek. It gave me a thrill. Mother kissed me like that many times but it never gave me such thrill. Latika Aunti, then hold my face in both her hands and whispered in my years-“ Balu ! Do you have a girl friend?”

“No.” I replied loudly.

“Shhhhh! Do not speak so loud. Every one is sleeping. Talk to me in a very low voice so that none, else we two, can hear.” Latika Aunti said and again kissed me. I felt she was breathing heavily and trembling at the same time.

“O.K.” I said in a very low voice.

“Have you ever enjoyed with a girl? L.A

“No” I said. I could understand she was talking about the same thing my friends refer to while talking sex in the school.

“Do you know how a boy enjoys with a girl?” L.A. said and this time she kissed me on my lips. I felt very good and was exited. I felt that there was some erection under my pants.

“No. But my friends talk a lot about it in our school.”-I said.

“Poor baby”- she laughed in a very low voice and again kissed me on my lips. I do not know why but I put my hands around her neck.

“Would you like to know what happens between a boy and a girl?” L.A.

“Yes.” I said.

“But first promise me you will not tell any body that I told you all about it.” L.A.

“I promise.” I said.

“Not like this.”-She said while kissing me on my lips a bit harder this time.

“Then how?” I asked.

She lowered her hand and touched my manhood. It was fully erect. She whispered in my years-“You are a very good boy. I would teach you everything. Do not hesitate. Do not make noise. Go on doing as I say you.”

“Yes Masi”-I said. I must accept that though it was a new experience quite unknown to me, but it was a fantastic one. Though unknowingly but I was fully exited and was enjoying it like anything.

“Open your pant.”- Aunty whispered and started unbuttoning it herself.

First I hesitated a bit but it was dark and more over I was getting thrilled. In no time my pant was down. I was stark naked. Aunty immediately took hold of my penis and exclaimed-“My God. So long and thick! I must be, about 8” long and 6” thick like big cucumber. Where from you got it? Its certainly, not from your father. He is so small.”

I did not understand anything else that I have a good penis, which Latika Aunty liked. Aunty took one of my hands and put it on one of her boobs. I felt it so soft -. “Squeeze it.” She whispered again. I started squeezing it slowly first but a bit hard after some time. She started making hissing noise. After some time she put one of her legs on my body. I could feel that she is also stark naked. She caught hold of my penis and started rubbing it between her thighs. It was so silky and moist. I felt heavenly pleasure. She now started kissing me like a mad woman. She forced me to open my mouth and put her tongue in my mouth while kissing. I was so exited. I was unable to understand anything but I confess that I was feeling heavenly pleasure. Suddenly Aunti pushed me and forced me to lie on my back. She climbed on me, took my penis in her right hand and set it between her thighs. Then she sat on it. My penis entered in a whole which was very slippery. I got unexplainable pleasure. Aunty gave a heavy thrust. Entire penis entered into the hole. She rested for a while. I was not in a position to say or to understand anything. All my senses centered in my penis in the hole. After few seconds Aunti started moving up and down. My penis was coming out for few seconds and then again entering into the hole with a force. The speed increased. She was breathing heavily. She again kissed me and put one of her boobs in my mouth. I started sucking it. She again kissed me and this time I also kissed her holding her tight. She rested a while keeping my penis in her hole. Then she started moving up and down again.

”Oh darling!”- She whispered again-“Fuck me, my son.”

Her speed increased. I felt something very strange. –“Mausi! Something is coming out from my penis.”- I whispered with fear.

“Yes darling. I am also coming. Fire in side me. Make me pregnant. Give me a son like you.”- Aunti said and increased her speed more.

Suddenly she stopped. She embraces me very tight. She was biting on my shoulder. She was shivering. I felt some thing coming out of her pussy like spray and showering on my penis head. At the same time something came out very force fully from my penis inside her hole. She shivered like anything. “Aah!”-she said and started sobbing slowly. I was feeling immense pleasure yet I could feel she is sobbing.

“Did I hurt you Masi Maa?”- I asked.

“No my Raja. I am so happy. You are a golden boy. I never had a fuck like this in my life. I love you.” She said and came down. She lay on her back. I was now feeling a little weak. We remained silent in that position for about half an hour. Then Latika mausi turned towards me.

“Did you like it Balu?”- Latika Aunti asked me putting her hand on my chest.

“It was fantastic.”- I said and kissed her.

“Would you like to have it again?” L.A

“Sure. But my penis has shrunken.”- I said, touching my manhood.

“You innocent chap. It will again harden once I kiss it.” LA

“Will you kiss it? It is dirty. I piss from it.” I

“No darling. It is not dirty. A woman likes to kiss and suck it as you kiss and suck our boobs.” Saying she got up and took hold of my limp penis. Getting her soft touch it jerked and came in a semi erected status. She then bent down and took the head of my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. In no time it was hard like a iron rod again. She sucked it for some time and then said-“Now this is your turn.”

“What turn?” I asked.

“I fucked you from top. Now you fuck me from top.” LA

“But I do not know how?” I said.

“I guide you. Come on my top between my legs.” She said.

I lay on her top. She raised her legs. Caught hold of my penis and put its head on her cunt. She then pushed her hips upwards. The head of my tool entered into her slippery cunt. Without any guidelines I gave a forceful thrust and my entire penis vanished inside her cunt. With a natural instinct I started moving. The speed increased with time. I was now hampering her like a bull. As it was second time within 45 minutes, it took me about 15 minutes to reach final stage. In the mean time Latika Aunti shivered at least six times. Now I understand that she reached her climax six times before I ejaculated inside her after a force full fucking for 15 minutes. After this intercourse I covered my self with a bed sheet, fell flat on her chest and slept. Next day Latika masi was to leave for her place in the evening. When she was ready to leave for station she told my mother -“Let Balu drop me at Station.’. Mother simply nodded her head in affirmation. I sat in the car with Latika Aunti. Our driver, an old man, drove us to the station. He was looking straight on the road as per his habit. He will never listen to the people sitting on the rear seat while driving. We both knew his habits well.

Knowing his habit Latika Mausi asked” How much time it will take to reach station?”

“At least an hour.”- I said. “The driver is driving very slowly”.

“Why don’t you drive fast?’ Latika Aunti said to the driver -“So that we may reach fast.”

“Slow driving is very safe.” The driver replied.

“If you let me drive, I can drive very fast.”- I said.

“You are only 14. Though you know driving but your father instructed me not to allow you to drive.”- He replied.-“Now, let me concentrate in driving as the road is very busy.”

We were passing through the main market. There was lot of rush and noise all around. Suddenly Latika Mausi whispered to me-“What happened? Why are you so silent?. Did your parent come to know what we did in the night?”

“No. ”- I replied-“They know nothing about our act.”

“ I saw Ramanika a bit serious, I was shocked and afraid also. I thought she has come to know about us.” Latika Aunti.

“No. Nothing of that short.” I whispered.

“You ejaculated in me like anything. When I got up, your juice was rushing out of my pussy. You have a very powerful juice making testicles. I would like you to ejaculate in my mouth also, as soon as possible.”- Latika Masi whispered in my years touching my tool covered in my pants.

“But you are leaving. What would I do, when I feel urge for sex again?” - I asked her in a very low voice.

“Come down to my place and fuck your Masi Maa as much you want..”- L.A.

“It is not possible at present. I can come in winter vacations. But it would start three months latter. What do I do in these three months?”- I.

“Yes I know. But what can I do. I have already left. Now I cannot return back to your Home. Please bear for some time. Then either you come to my place or I will come here on this or that pretext.’-She said.

“O.K., but it will be very difficult to wait.”- I was sad.

“Hey!”- Suddenly Latika aunty whispered bringing her mouth near my year-“Why don’t you fuck your mother, Ramanika?. Show her your meat. Once she sees the size of your cock, she will immediately spread her leg and invite your cock in her pussy to seduce her. She is a young lady of 29 only. She is full of sexual desires. I know, your father is unable to satisfy her.”

I was angry on the criticism of my father, as I loved him a lot. “How can you say that about my father?”- I said in a low but harsh voice.

“Ramanika is very much closed to me. She told me every thing. Your father has a penis hardly three and half inch long and that too very thin. It has also lost it power after the accident. Never has it erected to its full size nor does it harden fully. He also can hold for more than few pushes. At times he ejaculates before he enters into Ramani. Ramanika is simply dying for good sex. She is controlling herself, as she does not get a good and safe chance. If you try, I am sure she will gladly offer you her pussy and get herself fucked by you. You are quite capable to satisfy her fully.” Latika mausi said.

“What are you talking Masi? She is my mother. How can I even think to have sex with her? It is a sin.”- I protested.

“That way I am also your Masi. Just like your mother. Didn’t you fuck me?”- Latika Aunti said forcefully. She took my hand in her hand and continued-“Next time when I come to your place I will speak to Ramanika . It will make the matter simpler. If she says yes, I would give you a signal that she is ready. Then you can take her to bedroom when there is no one else at home. Lift her legs and put your magnificent prick in her hole. Once it is done, your mother will be your sex salve, I can bet.”- Latika said and kissed me on my cheek.

The station came. Latika Mausi got down. The train came within 10 minutes. She got into the train. When the engine whistled and I was to get down she caught hold of my hand. She embarrassed me and kissed me on cheeks and lips. Then she said – “Do as I have suggested you. Make your mother’s life happier. This is your duty. And do not forget to tell me when ever you do it. I will be back soon and this time, of course, with both of my daughters.”- She said and pressed my hand smiling mischievously. The train left. Standing on the station I was thinking about the past 24 hours that have changed my life. There was lot in the future. Latika Masi left but she introduced me to such a thing which changed my life. I was always restless. When ever I see any women or girl my bloods use to start boiling. My attitude towards my mother also changed. I used to see her in the light of the suggestions of Latika masi but I could not dare to make any move in this direction. After two weeks it so happened that I was sleeping with my mother and father. Father left as usual and mother also got for her daily routine. I got up in the morning at 7 a.m., when my mother came calling me and kissed me on my cheeks.

“Balu, darling! Get up now. It is too late.”- She shook my body and removed the bed sheet I was covered with. I was lying on my bailey in a semi naked position since I had gone to bath room in the night and did not wear my pant thereafter.

“Shit you dirty boy. Put on your pants.” –My mother said in a low voice.

I got up and noticed that I was semi naked. Fortunately I was standing facing the bed and my mother was standing on my back. My manhood was in full-erected position. I felt too much ashamed. I tried to put on my pant fast. By mistake, I put both my legs in one side. Obviously I lost my balance. Mother gave me support and turned me towards her. Now I was facing her. She sat on the floor and started helping me in taking out one of my leg from the pant. She was sitting on the ground and I was standing, trying to take out my leg as both the legs were fastened in the pant’s same side. When we failed in taking out the leg, mother tried to bring down my pant forcefully so that I can take out one of my leg As soon as my pant came down my erect 8” long and 4” thick penis sprigged out.

“Oh shit!” Mother said.

I noticed immediately that my 8” fully erected penis was just before her face and rubbing on her cheeks. She was watching it with great exclamation and her mouth was opened probably looking to the unusual size of my tool. I forcefully tried to pull out one of my leg from the pant but I loosed my balance. To balance me, I leaned forward and in a fraction of second my erect penis straightway entered in my mothers opened mouth. She immediately tried to take her head back and for this she pushed me. I was already imbalanced. Due to her push I fell on her.

It so happened; that she fell on her back and I fell on her with my penis in her mouth. The peculiar position was like she was between my thighs with my fully erected 8” prick in her mouth. We both were very much embarrassed. We were trying our best to get out of it and get my tool out of her mouth. In this process my manhood was getting too much friction as I was moving my hip and she was also moving her head with an intension to get the rod out. I was quite exited as within a minute I started ejaculating in her mouth. It was a very forceful firing and my semen filled her mouth. She was still fixed between my legs and trying her best to come out. I was also trying to get up and pull out of her mouth. But my legs were stuck in pant and we could do nothing. My penis went on releasing loads after loads in her mouth and she was compelled to swallow it, though quite unwillingly. Thus, something unexpected happened within seconds. I, then, applied great force, tore my pant and got my leg free. Thus we got out of the situation. I stood up. Put my torn pant on and ran out of the room. While running out I heard mommy coughing like anything. I came back only in the evening. Mother was looking very upset. She did not look at me. She always avoided eye-to-eye contact with me. None of us spoke to each other. After some time I took my books and left. I did not go to my tutor. I went to a nearby park and was roaming there till 10. My father came looking for me. He took me home.

“Do you see, Balu was roaming in the park? Isn’t it strange? He never behaved like this.”- Father said –“What is the matter? You are also not speaking. Did Balu do any mistake? Forgive him. He is an innocent child.”- He smiled and then said-“Balu! Be nice to your mom.”

I nodded my head. Mother was serving us food. She also sat on the dinning table. She took very little food. Only father went on speaking during dinner. We both kept silent. Once our eyes met but we both started looking other side immediately. Our dinner was ready. After dinner I went to bed. Father joined me after some time. He slept immediately and started snoring. Mother came after half an hour. She slept on my other side. She was not facing me. I tried to adjust my position so that she gets sufficient space. In this process my knee touched her. She jumped like a spring out of the bed and started looking at me.

“Behave your self.”- She said and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I am sorry mummy.”- I said in an apologetic tone. She looked at me for some time. She said anything and lay on the bed again, but on the other side. Now father was in between us. I do not know when I slept.


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