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Maa ko kaamsukh dekar apna banaya-2
Mother remained tense for some days but slowly she normalized. The normal routine of our house took place. Another incident took place after a month. It was Sunday. After taking bath and finishing his breakfast Father was reading the News paper. I had just finished my exercise and was going to bath room with a towel wrapped around my waist. Suddenly father asked me to come near. I went near him.

“Balu , just see this article. It has given the details of oil massage. Let me give you a good oil massage. Come here and lay on this coat.”- Father said. Though I never liked massage with oil but I obeyed him.

“Lie on your bailey.” He said. I lay on my bailey on the coat. He started massaging my back. I was feeling good. Suddenly the telephone rang.

“Ramanika , just see who is on line.”- Father asked mommy. My mother lifted the receiver from the cradle and said –“Hello.”

“Yes he is. May I know who is speaking please?”- Mom inquired.

“Yes Sir. I am giving him.”- She answered and said to father –“Your G.M. Mr. Banerjee is on line.”

Father immediately took the telephone and responded-“ Good morning Sir, I am Pannikkar this side.”

“Yes Sir, I will be there within one hour.’- Father.-“Yes Sir, I will bring the papers with me.”

Father put the receiver on the cradle and said- “ Ramanika, there is an emergency. I am leaving for the office. You just complete this massage of Balu.”

Saying so, he took his bag and left. Mom waited for some time and then came near me. She started massaging my back. She did it for 10 minutes.

“Now turn and lay on your back.” She asked. I turned up again and lay on my back. She started massaging my chest. I noticed that she was not normal. Her cheeks were red and she was breathing heavily. After massaging my chest she poured some oil on my bailey and massaged downwards. Her hands went to the last point of my bailey and up to the waist. It pushed the towel downwards. She then started massaging my thighs from down to up. Her hands were moving from my knee to my upper thighs going under the towel. She was not talking to me. I felt as if sometimes she was trembling also. She was crushing her lips under her teeth and at times licking the lips with her tong. Suddenly her hand went up my thighs and touched my limping tool. I was shocked but thought that it was certainly by chance as next time she did not went that up. However, after some time her hand again touched my limp tool and this time the touch was clearer. My tool also felt it and started rising. I felt embarrassed and tried to keep my tool normal. I started thinking about my school so that the mind is diverted and the tool remains limp. But her hands touched it again and this time it virtually brushed it.

“Mom, its enough today. Now let me go for bath.” I said.

She did not answer. She simply went on massaging my right thigh and every time she would come up her hands will not only touch my tool rather give it a semi massage. My tool became in a semi erected position in spite of all my resistance. This time her hands went and massaged my testicles since the tool had risen. Suddenly she said “OOOOF” and brought her hands from my thigh to my waist so forcefully that the loose knot of the towel opened and the towel fell down. I became naked. My tool was standing like a pole. She saw it and her eyes were fixed on it. I immediately got up and covered my waist with it but the standing tool was looking like a rod covered with towel. It was very embarrassing. She then took some oil and applied it on my waist. While massaging my lower bailey and waist she was massaging my tool also. My prick was already in its full size and I was feeling ashamed. She now took some oil and started applying it on my tool. The 8” long and about 5” thick toll was standing like an iron pole under the towel and her hands were slipping on it from its root to top and vise versa. It went on so for about 3 minutes when I felt that I may fire any time. I force fully removed her hand from my tool and rushed to the Bath room. I could not understand her behaviors. Was Latika Masi right while telling about her? I opened the shower and went under it. While I was trying to cool me down the door of the bath room opened and mom came inside. I saw that she has changed her cloth. Now she was wearing only a sari and no bra or blouse or petticoat was there on her body. Virtually her body was visible from that transparent sari like anything. I removed my eyes as it was quite exciting. She took the soap and asked me- “Balu, come here, let me apply soap on your body.”

“I will do it my self mom.” I said.

“No, No, You will not do it properly. Let me do it myself.” She said and virtually dragged me out of the shower. I came out unwillingly. She started applying soap on my head first. Naturally I closed my eyes. Then she applied soap on my chest, then on my bailey, than on my back, then on my legs, then on my hips. Then she took off the towel and threw it off. I was, now, standing fully naked before her. She started applying soap on my genial. I was under the shower for some time so my tool had come in a limping position yet it was of 5”plus size. She had applied soap on it many times before, but I never had any feelings. But now the situation was different. She started rubbing my body and in this process her boobs were touching different parts of my naked body like any thing. My eyes were closed, yet I could understand that she is deliberately rubbing her boobs on different parts of my body. While washing my neck her cheeks rubbed with mine and then her lips crushed my lips. She kissed me also. All such action of her provoked and exited me. My prick started rising again. Soon it came in erected position. She tended down wards. She started washing my crouch. She rubbed soap on my tool, which, feeling her soft touch came in its full size. My eyes were still closed but I could feel that she is straight way looking my tool. She then started rubbing my bailey again and in this process her face started rubbing my tool. I could feel her cheek, nose, lips and forehead touching my prick regularly and repeatedly. At one time I felt as if she has taken it in her mouth. I opened my eyes a bit and saw that it was not right. She had not taken it in mouth but her lips were a bit around its head. She was sitting on her knees and rubbing my testicles while her lips were around the knob of my tool. I thought she would take it in her mouth now, but she did not. She moved her lips and took it in her hands. She started rubbing soap on it vigorously. The soap made it so slippery and her hand was moving on it fast.

“Let me wash you now.”- She said. She took me down the shower and washed me thoroughly. The water made her sari wet and more transparent. All her body was visible as if she was naked. I was too much exited by now. While washing me under the shower she was rubbing her body with mine like anything and in this process my manhood was rubbing her womanhood part. She continued like that for some time say three – four minutes and suddenly held me tight. My erected tool was straight on her hole between her thighs. She was holding it tight between her thighs. Oh , Maaan”- She hissed suddenly and tighten her thighs more. I could not bear any more and ejaculated immediately. I opened my eyes and saw that my semen was all over her bailey, hand and sari between her thighs near her cunt. She did not bother to wipe it for some time. Then from the back of her hand she wiped my semen from her bailey and sari and started rubbing it on her pussy. She remained in that position for a couple of minutes with her eyes closed and then came out of the shower with me.

“Wipe your whole body with a fur towel and get out of the bath room so that I may take off my cloths and have my bath.”- She said. I came out immediately. After this I became sure that Latika Masi was right and if I become a little bold my mother will willfully allow me to fuck her. I decided to take a chance as soon as possible. I was dreamed about her cooperation and the pleasure in having sex with her. I was sure she will cooperate like anything. I never knew how wrong I was. Mommy remained quite normal after that. She will talk to me about my studies and play. The life was quiet normal but I was looking for the chance. Our life was running normal when after about 20 days a phone call came from Laika Masi. Mummy spoke to her for quite a long time. The conversation was quiet long but I was getting the one side dialogue only. The last dialogues were something like this;

“…………”- Latika Masi

“Yes, didi, I have seen.”- Mom

“…………”- L.M.

“ Shit, you are so dirty.”- L.M.

“…………”- L.M.

“No , No, I can not try. He is a baby at present.”- Mom.

“…………”- L.M.

“Really? Didi it is bad. I trusted you.”- Mom

“…………”- L.M.

“ Oh No. Didi, I can not.”- Mom. At this time mom looked at me with a peculiar look.

“…………”- L.M.

“O.K., O.K., I will see. Now speak to your Brother in law”- Mom.

Then father spoke to her for some time. Lastly they gave the phone to me.

“Hi Masi , I am Balu. How are you?”- I said.

“I am fine but I miss you like anything. Well could you fuck Ramanika.” –She asked .

My cheeks became cherry red. “No.”- I said.

“You idiot. Do it fast. She is ready. I have spoken to her. Be bold and enjoy her youth and beauty. Try today.”- She told.

I looked towards mom, She was smiling.

“O.K.” –I said.

“You must inform me when you do it. “- L. Masi.

“O.K.”- I said.

“I have news for you. I am pregnant and it is you who has done it. Do the same thing to your mom.”- She said and gave me a phone kiss. Then she disconnected the line.

I was stunned that I have made her pregnant. I could not believe and thought that I might have heard wrong. At the same time mummy said- “There is good news. Latika didi is expecting.’

“Is it so? Very good, My Co-brother has done a miracle after 15 years”- Father said.

“Yes, she is missing her periods from October onwards. This time she expects a boy like Balu, she was telling.”- Mother said and laughed. Father also laughed with her. Mommy hold my hand and said-“You are a very nice boy. Latika Didi was speaking very high of you.”- And smiled mischievously.

I could not say anything but thought that probably Latika masi has told her about our relation and my mom is ready to have sex with me.

That day we had our dinner in hotel and came back home at 10.30 P.M.. I changed my dress. Wore a lungi and went to the bed. I slept immediately.

I do not know why, but suddenly I woke up. It was still a little dark, yet everything was clearly visible in the moon light coming from the window. Father was saying something.

“Please, I will not take much time.”- Father.

“No. I said you, not here. Balu has grown up now. .”-Mommy.

“He is simply an innocent child. He does not know anything about it. Moreover, he is fast asleep.”-Father whispered and called me-“Balu!”.

Though I was fully awakened but I preferred not to give any response.

“Look he is sleeping. Now come on else I will be late.”- Father.

“I don’t have mood.”-Mommy.

“I would bring you in mood soon.”-Father.

I could fairly see everything in the moon light. Father raised mommy’s saree and came between her legs. I could understand that he is going to fuck her. He kissed her and I heard the sound of kiss clearly. He then opened her blouse and bra and threw them down the bed. I could see the beautiful naked breast of my mother. He took her boobs in his hand and started squeezing them. Mother made a hissing voice.

“Put it on the gate.”- Father said.

Mommy lowered her hand and I could understand that she is holding the father’s tool and putting it on her pussy mouth. I had an erection immediately.

“It is very loose. Make it harder.”- Mommy.

“It won’t. Well, rub it there.”- Father.

“It is not entering. Make it hard, push it inside and hit hard.”- Mommy.

“It is not entering. I am trying but not entering.”-Father.

“It is quite loose. Make it hard. Oh! Do something. You have exited me too much. I need a hard one inside me.”- Mother.

“I am sorry. I am Cumming.”- Father.

“Please hold. I am too hot. Please hold for some time. Do not leave me mid way like that.”-Mother.

“I am sorry. It is finished. I am really sorry. You know after that accident.”- Father.

He got down and slept behind her. Mother was quite restless. She was squeezing her boobs herself and touching herself between her legs.

“I am very sorry darling. I know it is just cruel to you. I can not hold and satisfy you.”- Father apologized.

“You always do like that and leave me mid way. If yours is so loose and week why do you do it? I can not bear it any more. Just tell me what to do now.”- Mommy’s voice was very harsh and insulting.

“I told you to look for some alternate. Why don’t you look for one? I will fully support you.”- Father.

“Oh! Do not repeat it again. There is no point in it. It’s my ill fate. I am an ill fated woman.”- Mommy said and started weeping. Her weeping was that of a helpless lady filled with great anger.

“No darling! I also feel so sorry about it. I say it with my heart. Look for a young boy who has a big and thick cock and who can fuck you like a bull. I would fully cooperate. I would certainly like it, if some one can fuck you very hard and satisfy you fully. Why don’t you try with some friend of Balu?”-Father.

“Oh, please shut up. Balu’s friends are like my son. Do you want me to fuck my son? Oh, how can you even think of such a dirty thing?”- Mommy reacted sharply.

“So? What? If you like some one, there is no problem. But he must be well built, just like our Balu.”- Father.

“Oh, shut up and leave. You dirty man.”-She said and then whispered-“Impotent dirty Bastard.”

“Oh! Darling! I am really sorry.”- Father said and got down from the bed. After 15 minutes the sound of the automatic lock confirmed that he is out on his way to office. Mommy was yet in the bed. She was still very restless and touching herself here and there. She did not wear her sari of blouse. She remained in naked position like that. She was squeezing her breasts and crushing her lips between her teeth. She was rubbing her pussy with her hands and I think at times she was putting her finger into it.

Suddenly, she called me “Balu!”

I did not answer. She again called me in a very low voice “Balu! Are you sleeping?”

I did not answer. She waited for some time. Then she took a turn towards me. I kept my eyes closed. She put one of her hand on my chest. She slid nearer to me. She took the bed sheet and covered both of us with it. Then she put her arm around me and dragged me nearer. I was now feeling her bare breasts on my chest. She was moving her hand on my back. Then she put one of her leg on my hip. She gently kissed me on my lips. She was breathing heavily. My penis was in full erection. My 8” long prick was in its full size standing like a pole under my lungi. She slowly and hesitantly touched it and felt the length. She moved her hand on the length of my tool slowly for some time. I could control my pleasure moans with too much difficulty. She started removing the lungi. She opened and pushed it down. My large manhood jumped out. First, she touched it softly. Then she started removing its fore skin. It was so difficult to keep mum. She, then, took my prick in hand and started squeezing it gently. Mother’s one leg was still on my hip. She was rubbing her pussy with her one hand. She was still of the opinion that I as fast asleep. It was impossible to control now. By now I could very well know that she is burning with sex and was dying for a strong fuck. By now, I too was quite hot. I caught her hand which was squeezing my tool. She immediately took her hand off. Before she could realize the situation, I caught her with her arms and pulled her near me.

“Balu! What are you doing? Don’t be mad. Let me go. I have lot of work.”- Mommy said trying to get rid of me. I did not answer. I took her in arms and hold her tight. She started struggling. I pushed her back on the bed and forced her to lie on her back. Then I jumped on her. She tried to get up but in vain. I was much stronger than her. I kissed her.

“No.”-She said.

I hold her hands on her head with one of my hand and put my other hand on her boobs.

“No.”- She said again more forcefully.

I kissed her and forced her to open her mouth. Once it was opened I put my tongue inside and kissed her for quite a long time. She went on struggling. I threw the bed sheet covering us off the bed. She was fully naked. With my free hand I started touching her pussy.

“No. Leave me you son of a bastard.”- She abused me. It gave me a very strong kick and my erection hardened more. I tried to put my finger inside her pussy but failed. Struggling with me she put one of her leg on the other. I was trying to enter between her legs but it was not possible now. I was enraged. I became furious and slapped her on her face three-four times. She started sobbing but did not surrender. I forcefully put my knee between her thighs and separate her legs. In no times my penis head was on the mouth of her pussy. It was very wet.

“No. Please Balu. No. I am your mother. Please don’t do it to me. It is sin. Please don’t do it son.”- Now she was pleading.

“If it is sin, why did you do all those things while giving me a massage and bath that day? Why you opened my pant and were squeezing my tool just now?”- I asked and pressed her boobs mercilessly.

“It was all external play. There is no sin in external play. You can also enjoy with me while playing externally. But no intercourse.”- She pleaded.

“No. I do not agree. Did Latika masi tell you anything about us?”- I asked.

“Yes she told me all but I do not agree with her.”- She replied- “Please get down. We can have more fun other way.”

But it was quiet late. I was not in my senses. I gave a very strong push and my rock hard manhood slipped into her pussy.

“No. No. No.”- She cried but I did not stop. Her cunt was very slippery but very tight at the same time. I held her very tight and gave two subsequent heavy thrusts. My cock fully entered into her hole and our pubic hairs met with each other. I started fucking her with very heavy strokes. She was telling something but I was not listening. All my senses were concentrated in my tool moving in and out of her cunt. I fucked her for about 5 minutes. Then I felt her cunt spraying her woman juice which made the passage more slippery. I also ejaculated inside her the same time. I became motionless and fell on her chest. She remained in that position like a dead body for about half an hour. Then she slowly got up and left the room silently. I watched her going out of the room. After a minute she came back near the bed. She had a kitchen knife in her hand. Suddenly she shouted -“You bastard” and tried to stab me straight in my chest. I took a turn to save me yet the edge of the knife touched me on my left arm and cut it. I felt the pain. I jumped from the bed. She stood there as if in a shock. I was very mush afraid. All my excitement had vanished. She once again started walking towards me. I took my pant quickly and ran out of the room. I came running in the drawing room. I looked behind. I saw her chasing me. The knife was still in her hand. I opened the door; came out and closed it, which slammed with a great noise. I ran as fast and as far as I could. I could not dare to come back. I remained out of home whole day without any food. I was very much ashamed of my act. How can I explain it to mommy? She will never believe me. I came back to the park near my house and sat on a bench. I wept for a long time. I do not know when but I slept there on the bench. Some one shook me calling “Baloo?”

I woke up. It was my father. It was night. I thought he would now kill me. Mommy must have told her everything. I fell on her feet and started crying.

“What is the matter son?’- He asked me- “Why are you behaving like that?”

I was much afraid by now. I was shivering. Sobbing like any thing, I could say-“I am sorry father. I promise you, I will never do it again”

“O.K., O.K. now let us go home.” He took me by hands. Hired a cycle rickshaw and started for home.

When we reached Home, my mother was there on the gate. I stayed behind father. I thought she must be having the knife in her hands. I was afraid. Father took me inside and said-“Look darling. Do not be harsh to him. He has told me everything and has promised that he will not do it again.”

I saw the face of my mother became pale. She trembled and sat on the floor. She covered her face with her hands and started weeping. My father consoled her.

“Why are you weeping Ramani darling? Baloo is safe and back. Give him a glass of milk. He seems to be so tired and week.”

She did not respond to father’s request, but when he repeated it again she looked towards him and asked - “Are you really not angry with me after knowing every thing?”- Her voice was trembling.

“No not at all darling. You are mother and son. It happens between mother and son. It’s quite normal. Oh God! Now please stop talking about it and give him something to eat.”-Father said. Mother got up slowly. I could see that she was confused. I was also confused to know that it happens between all mother and son and it is quite normal. Without looking to me or father she went to the kitchen and brought a glass of milk. Father took it from her and gave it to me. I stood silent keeping the glass in hands.

-“Come on Son. Take it. Mummy is not angry with you. Are you angry Ramani? You must not be. Baloo has promised me that he will not do it again. It’s O.K. now.”- Father tried to normalize the situation.

I was confused as to how and why mummy told father about the dirty act I had done and why he is taking it so normally. Suddenly I remembered father’s advice to mom to seduce some of my young friend for sexual satisfaction. Any way I was ashamed of my act. Yet I was happy that father has forgiven me. It gave me a consolation. We took our food and went to bed. Mummy again slept keeping father in between us. In the morning father got up as usual and left for his office. Mummy also got up with father. I got up at my time and started getting ready for my tuitions. Mummy put my breakfast on the table and sat on a chair on the other side. I started eating without a word.

“Why you told about those things to your father?”- She suddenly asked.

I saw, she was asking me. While eating a piece of omelet I said-“He knew everything. So I promised I will not do it again.”

“But why did not you keep it secret? Don’t you feel how bad he would have felt after knowing about the dirty incidents those took place yester day and today. Are you not ashamed of that?”- Her voice was certainly harsh.

“Of course I am, but I thought you told him about my misdeeds. I am really sorry mummy.”- I said.

“I never told him. How can I tell him that my son me” – She could not complete the sentence.

“I also never told him anything. How can I tell him that I mommy.” – I also could not complete the sentence.

“Oh! It means he does not know anything and might have thought that I am angry with you for being out of home in night.”- She said and released a breath of relief –“My God! I was so afraid. Now I understand why he took it so normal.”

I was confused. I asked her-“Shall I say him about it now?”

“No. Never”- She stood from the chair and came near me. She took my hand in her hand and said-“Look Baloo. No doubt, it was a very bad incident, but you must not tell a single word to your father about it. Not only father, not even to any body, not even to your friends in school. Do you understand?”

I immediately understood that she is very much afraid of people knowing about it. I saw her now. She had taken her bath and her hair was spread on her shoulders. She had a big red Bindi on her fore head. She was looking very beautiful and sexy. All my shame vanished immediately and excitement took place. My manhood started raising its head under my half pant again. To avoid the situation I finished my breakfast, washed my hands, took my books and started moving towards the door.

“Just a minute Baloo, Remember, you must not speak a word to anybody, even to your friends about it. Do you understand?”- She came near me and said it putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Yes. But how can I conceal it from father? I love him and he also loves me. I thought you have already told him about it, so I did not.”- I was firm in my opinion-“Moreover, had you not provoked me first I would not have done anything like that. I must tell him about it in detail when he comes back tonight.”- I said and waited for her reaction. The reaction was immediate. She caught me by arms and dragged me to the next room. She forced me to sit on the bed and sat by my side.–“You fool. You will simply kill yourself and me too. I told you never to talk to him about it. If he comes to know about it he will kill himself and us. Why don’t you understand?”

“But I must tell him.” – I said firmly.

“No”-She said in a begging voice- “I pray you. Please do not.”

“You tried to stab me. You see the wound here.”-I raised my shirt and showed her the cut –“Why should I accept your request? Don’t you see how much he loves me? He never hurt me.”- I said.

“I also love you. I am sorry that I tried to stab you. I was upset and angry at that time. I will not do like that in future. I swear.”- Mother said apologetically moving her index finger on my arm near the cut.

“Even, if, I do some thing like that again?”- I said.

She kept mum. Then said-“You have promised us that you will not do anything like that again.”

“Yes, but I want to know, do you promise, if I do something like that again, you would not become furious.”- I stressed.

“I can’t promise. But you must not tell it to any one.”-Mummy said.

“I promise I will never speak a word about it to father or to any one but you too promise that you will sincerely try not to be furious if, by mistake, I do something like that.” I said taking one of her hand in my hand.

“I would sincerely try. Believe me. She said – “How can I convince you?”- She asked.

Confusion was already there in her eyes. I did not say anything. I held her hand strongly and dragged her towards me. She was not ready for it. She fell on me. I embraced her and kissed on her cheek.

“No Baloo, You promised.”- She tried to stop me.

“Yes. But I am only kissing you and nothing else. I am simply examining whether you remain cool”- I said and kissed her again. This time she did not protest. I then took her face in my hands and kissed her on her lips. She became tense.

“Not on mouth”-She said and tried to get free.

“Please do not be tense. Cooperate with me. I am simply examining you.” – I said and took her lips in my mouth.

“Oonnh.”- She said and tried to remove my face from her face. I pressed my mouth harder on her mouth and forced her to open it. I entered my tongue inside her mouth and tested her saliva. My tongue was roaming inside her mouth now. She started taking long breaths. I could understand she is exited. I pushed her on the bed. She fell on her back. I climbed on her and went on kissing. This continued for about 5 minutes. When I removed my mouth, I saw her cheeks were red like peach. She was breathing heavily. I looked in her eyes.

“Look here, I am not angry. Are you satisfied now?”- She asked while trying to remove me from her top.

“No.”- I said.

“Why?”- She asked-“You just did it again and look I am not angry, as I promised.”

“No. I did not do any short of thing like that. I simply kissed and that too simply to check your tolerance. But I am not sure about you.”-I said.

“Why not?” - She asked lying there- “Do you think any mother would allow his son to kiss on her mouth like that and won’t be angered? Yet I allowed it and you say you are not sure about me.”

“Look mom. You must remember that it was you who started the play in the night. I simply followed.”-I said.

She immediately interrupted-“I accept that it was my biggest mistake. Actually your father left me, what should I say? Any way I accept my mistake and do not hold you entirely responsible for that. But I cannot allow such things to happen again. It is not only bad but the greatest sin on the earth.”

“But you have kissed my lot of times and at times on my mouth too. If it was the greatest sin on the earth, why you were doing it?”- I reacted sharply.

“I was not talking about Kissing. I was talking about.” She replied but left the sentence incomplete. Then she said -“Kissing is no problem.”

“Then, O. K.”- I said-“So, if you kiss me on my mouth and let me kiss also, then only I will be satisfied that you are serious about what you say and if I am satisfied I would obey you and never tell any one about it. Not even father.”- I said.

She thought for a while then said – “O.K, but only once.”

“O. K.”- I said. –“You start first.”

She hesitated. I got down from the coat and asked - “Shall I leave for school?”

She caught my arm. She again thought for a while. Then she lay on the bed on her back and dragged me over her as a mother let her baby sleep on her chest. Then she took my face in her hands. She lowered my face and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I simply lay on her. She then opened her mouth and took my lips in it. She started kissing me. It was feeling so good. I also started responding. I was very much exited by now. My manhood was so hard under my half pant that it was paining now. My hands were free. I opened the zip of my pant and my tool came out like a spring. I was already on her top. I poked my bob between her thighs. It straightway poked on her womanhood. She stopped kissing and looked into my eyes.

“Do not worry. I promise I would not go ahead. You kiss so nicely. Go on.”-I said. She again started sucking my lips. I put my tongue inside her mouth. Our breaths were very heavy.

I put one of my hands on her boobs and started pressing it gently. She again stopped but I continued kissing. After a while she started kissing again. After a minute I opened the buttons of her blouse. She had no bra inside. Her beautiful balls came out. She stopped and tried to get up. I forced her to be on the bed, put my mouth on her mouth and at the same time I stated squeezing her boobs. After a while I removed my mouth from her mouth and took one of her boobs in my mouth. I went on squeezing the other boob with one of my hand. With my other hand I took one of her hand and put it on my tool. She immediately withdrew it. I again put her hand on it and she again withdrew it. I then took my manhood in my hand and started rubbing it on her pussy covered under her sari.

“Oh No, Baloo, You promised.”- She said in a hissing voice.

“I promised not to fuck you. I am asking simply to hold it in you hands.”- I requested. She did not answer. I took her hand again to my tool. This time she did not withdraw. She held it and started squeezing gently.

“My God, It’s so big, thick and hard.”- She said licking her lips with her moist tongue.

“Do you like it mummy?”- I asked while biting on her year.

“Oh, Baloo!. You promised.”- She said as if in dreams.

Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was opened. She was squeezing my manhood now and giving stroke sometime. She was twisting her body, breathing heavily and swallowing her saliva now and then.

I put my hand to raise her sari. She stopped me immediately.

“No, Baloo. You promised.”- Her voice did not mean it, I was sure.

“Yes I did. I promised that I will not fuck you. But do not stop me this time. I will only put my dick between your beautiful thighs, nothing else. This will be the last time. Please do not stop me. Let me enjoy. I love you.” – I said. I removed her sari and petticoat. She tried to protest but I was successful.

I tried to separate her legs but she did not open it.

“Please. Please allow me to put my dick between your thighs and you hold it tight there. I do not want more.”- I requested while poking and trying to enter my rock hard prick near her pussy.

“You are going too far. If some one knows, heavens will fall.”- She said.

“No one will know. How can anyone know about it? We are alone here. Moreover, neither I would tell any one nor you. So how could any one know? I promise, only between your thighs, nothing more. That too, only for a few minutes”- I said and started sucking one of her nipple. It was hard.

“Oh God, What I do?”- She said

“A quick shot between the thighs only, nothing more than that.”- I begged-“Please.”

“But only between the thighs, nothing else. O. K.?”- She melted.

“I promise.”- I said.

She relaxed her thighs a little and I pushed my prick between them. Immediately, she tightened them. She was now holding my penis between her thighs very tight. Though she was keeping it very tight yet I could feel the butter like softness of her thighs. It was really a fantastic experience. I started moving up and down as if fucking her. My 8” long and 5” thick, rock hard, tool was moving between her thighs like a piston. She was breathing heavily and biting her lips. I could feel that her grip has relaxed. I could feel the fluid coming out of her pussy and running on her thighs making it slippery. Her pussy was oozing with her love juice. It gave me a great sensation and my tool became harder.

After some pushes I gave a forward push. I started giving push after push towards her pussy. My cock touched her vaginal mouth.

“Oh! No. Baloo! You promised.”- She said again as if in dreams.

“Yes I promised.”- I said while kissing her.

I gave another forward push and the head of my tool touched the mouth of her oozing cunt. She tried to get rid of me but in vain. I quickly gave a force full push and the swollen head of my manhood was inside her. She was real tight. Even with such a vigorous push and slippery passage only one forth of my bob could enter. Her body became tight. I gave another push and half of the tool was in.

“Oh! No.”- She cried.

She tried to move her buttock, but I was holding her firmly. My third push put the entire 8” rod inside. I stayed like that for few seconds and then started pumping. She was not responding and lying motionless. The game continued for about 15 minutes. She had many climaxes during it which was apparent with her behavior and exclamations like- “Oh, God! Mom! Ooonnhh! Oh, I will die. Oh! Baloo! Please Etc.”

After 15 minutes I came inside her. I penetrated as much deep as I could and started releasing my loads after loads in her vagina. She held me very tight and wrapped her legs around my hip. She took my lips between her teeth and bites it so hard that blood came out. We both tasted the saltiness of my blood. I clearly felt her cunt mussels milking my cock for quite some time. We remained in that position for about 10 minutes. Then I took out my penis from her pussy which came out with a sound FUCK. On this sound I smiled looking into her eyes. She became red and covered her face in her hands. I got down. She also sat on the bed. She did not bother to set her dress properly and sat with her head between her knees. All of a sudden she started crying very loudly. Tears were rolling on her cheeks. I was dumb. For a long period I could not say anything. Then I could sense that some one may hear her crying and come down asking the reason.

“Please do not cry. Some one may hear you’re crying and come down asking for the reason.” – I said. She immediately stopped her loud voice but went on crying and sobbing. She was sobbing like anything. With each sob her entire body was shaking. I took her hand in my hand. I wiped her tears very gently. It came again. “Please do not cry. I am sorry that I did it again. But I must say I could not control my self as you are so beautiful.”- I said her and tried to wipe her tears from her cheeks with my lips while kissing her cheeks. She stopped crying but the sobbing continued. I took her face in my hands. Kissed her again and said-“Look mom! I simply did not want to fuck you in your pussy. But it was so slippery that my tool automatically entered into. Once it went inside, I could not control myself. Otherwise I wanted to keep my promise.”

She stopped sobbing. She wiped her tears with her sari. She stood and left the room. She went inside the other room and locked it from inside. I knocked the door several times but she did not open. At last I washed my penis which was covered with our juice, washed my face, took a glass of water, took my books and left for my school. I came back from my school at about 4.30 P.M.. It was quiet sultry that day. I thought I will take a bath and then go for a movie. It would be a better way to be out of home and avoid the lady of the house for some more time. Mother was probably sleeping. Our maid servant Renuka, who was about 20 years old, was washing the cloths in the bath room. She opened the door and informed mom about my arrival. She woke up, washed her face and went to the bathroom to give some instructions to the maid servant. She did not even spoke a word to me. I went to my study room. I put off all my cloth and shoes. Renuka was washing cloth in the bath room near my study room so I decided to go to another bath room adjacent to our bed room. I took a towel and wrapped it around my waist. All of a sudden I noticed that my books are thrown on the floor. Some of them were torn. I could not understand as to who has done it. I wanted to ask mom about it but could not.

“Renuka!”- I called the maid servant- “Have you thrown my books on the floor?”

“No, Balu Sab, I did not even touch them” – She answered from the bath room.

“Then who did it?”- I shouted.

“Do not shout on her.”- Mother said entering my study room-“I did it.”

She was wearing an apron like cloth. You may say something like nighty which a woman wears in the night while going to bed. It is like a long bush shirt having robs to tie it on the chest. Mom was wearing it since she was sleeping before I came home. She would, at times wear it while sleeping or some times while cocking. She will fasten it with a silk rob. Her hairs were spread on her shoulder and some of them on her face. She had, probably shampooed them.

“You? but why?”- I asked her with lot of surprise in my voice.

“You have indulged in other things now. You need not study any more. I am going to destroy all your books and copies.”- She was hysterical. She took some of my copy books and tore it. She took some other books.

“Mom, please stop. You can not do that.”- I protested and snatched the books she was going to tear. She immediately took another one. I snatched again. She kicked the books lying on the floor with her leg.

“Are you mad, Mom?” - I held both her hands.

“Yes. I am mad. I am mad due to your shameless acts.”- She said and looked straight in my eyes. Her eyes were red and burning. She had been, probably, weeping whole day. – “I am ashamed that you are my son.”

“O.K., Mom, O.K.. Please cool down. Let me explain.” – I tried to change the situation.

“No more explanations. You sinner! I do not want to see your face any more. Leave this house, else I will kill you or kill myself.”- She said and I understood that she mean it. I was afraid. Just in that moment Renuka came near the door of the room and asked-“Memshab, I have washed the cloths. Shall I go and set the packets in the store room?”

“O.K., but do it carefully. There are some glass wares. Handle them carefully.” – Mother said. This short conversation changed the situation. The blade like sharpness of the situation eased and I took the benefit. - “Mom, Please give me something to eat. I am too hungry.”

“I have nothing for you here.” - She came back in her old mood. She looked here and there all around the room and her eyes settled under the stone shelf in my room. It was made of marble. It was in my study room on which there was a statue of Goddess Saraswati. It was about three foot high and four foot wide. I use to keep my old books there. Some of my books were there under the shelf. She looked the books for some time and then went near the shelf. Before I could understand anything she bent and started tearing the books under the shelf. I immediately grabbed her from back and tried to pull her out, but she did not come out and went on tearing the books and the copy books.

I was holding her waist and again tried to pull her. She resisted. In this way we went on struggling for some time. A strange thing happened during this struggling. The towel I had worn fell down and I became stark naked. Her apron also slid up to a great extent and her hips became quite visible. She was in a bent position and her large, shapely hips were in front of me. It was such a beautiful Sean that I was exited immediately. My dick sprang as if some one has hit the head of a cobra. I thought for some moment about my next step. Then I stopped the idea of pulling her back. While holding her waist with one hand I removed her cloth totally from her hip. To be true, I was badly fascinated with the beauty of her back portion. You can understand me only if you have got a chance to see the naked hips of a woman who is one of the most beautiful, healthy, slim and sexy woman of the world and at the same time your own mother. I caught her by her waist and pushed my tool forward. My rock hard dick went straight between her ass cheeks and stuck there.

“You dirty fellow.”- She shouted and tried to get up but her head hit the lower side of the top of the shelf under which she was destroying my books. I judged the situation and pushed her more inside the shelf while holding her waist with both my hands and sticking my tool between her ass cheeks.

“Leave me you so sinner.”- She soughed again.

“What happened Memsab? Shall I come and help?”- Renuka enquired from the store room.

“No. Nothing, its O.k.. You do your work.”- I replied and said to mom-“Look Mom, You may be angry. You may throw me out of house. But the present situation is that Renuka is here. If you sought, she may rush to this room. Then she will come here and see us in this position. You can understand what will happen then. So, please keep mum and cooperate.”

She did not answer for some time, then said - “O.K., let us go to the bed.”

I could understand her trick. Once I leave her and she gets up, she will never come in my hold. She may call Renuka in or may go to the store room so that I can not dare to do any thing.

“No. You remain in this position. Let me insert from back.” – I said and pushed my tool harder between her hips.

My God, what a beautiful hips she had. I forgot for some time everything and went on looking her hips. They were milky white, smooth, hairless, firm, shapely and soooooooooo attractive. My dick became harder. I pulled her a little backward and pasted my knob on her cunt. It was moist.

“No Balu. Not here. Renu may come in the kitchen any time. Please wait till Renu leaves. I promise I will do what ever you wish. Believe me, I would let you enjoy with me as you like, but not now. Look, it is a very dangerous situation. Let Renuka go, then we will do.”- She tried to convince me, but it was quiet late. Though I agreed with her that it was a very dangerous situation but I could not stop. Renu or no Renu, I must enter her, here and now. I gave another push but could not enter. I tried again but failed. Suddenly an idea came in my mind. I removed the fore skin from my knob. I spit a lot on my right palm and made my knob slippery with it while holding her in that position with my left hand. Then I put some of my spit on the mouth of her vagina and reset the knob of my dick on her pussy mouth. I gave a very strong push and small ball like red knob of my dick entered into her pussy. I knew that she was tight but never knew she would be so tight while entering into her from back. I felt it much tighter. I gave some more pushes and my front rested on her hip. I was fully inside her, now. I started pumping.

“Memshab, where shall I keep the wooden boxes?”- Renu asked again from the store room.

“Do not move them. Let them remain as it is. Stay there, I am coming”- Mom said loudly.

Her voice was broken. The fear of getting exposed was clear in it. - “Oh, Balu, finish it fast. My God, what is happening? Renu is there, she may come here any time. Please stop. Balu, Please.”

She was trembling. Her thighs became week. I felt as if she is collapsing. I lifted her up and went on pumping from back. The tight vagina was holding my dick like an iron clamp. I could not sustain for long. Hardly after 05 minutes, I ejaculated in her vagina. For about 30 seconds I fired my loan into her. Then I took my tool out of her pussy. The mouth of her cunt was wide opened and I could see the red inner walls of her vagina. My cum, which was as usual much in quantity, started rushing out of her pussy. I released her from my grip and she came out from beneath the stone desk. She stood up, turned towards me and slapped on my face so hard that I fell down on the floor. Before I could stand she put her palm on her vagina, probably to stop my semen from dripping on the floor and ran into the bath room. When she left I got up and sat on the bed. I saw a series of the drops of my semen were there on the floor right from the shelf to the bath room glittering like a chain of pearls. So, she failed to stop it falling on the floor, I thought and smiled.

“Memsab, please come here. I do not find the box of crockery.”- Renu called.

“I am coming.”- Mom replied from the bath room.

After a minute she came out. I was still sitting on the bed naked. She saw me and then her eyes fastened to my prick. It was in a semi erected position yet about 5.5” long and 04” thick.

I smiled again and looked into her eyes. With her look I could understand that she is not angrier, but confused. It was apparent that she enjoyed the fuck which has satisfied her sexual desire fully. Her face was looking quite contended and glittering with satisfaction. She was not removing her eyes from my semi erected dick.

“Mom, just see what is there on the floor.”- I drew her attention towards the drops of my semen glittering there like a chain of pearls.

“O, mom!”- She put her index finger between her teeth. She took the towel lying on the floor and started mopping it.

“Memsab!”- Renu called again.

“Oh you kid of memsab.”- She said in despair-“ Balu mop it properly and put the towel in water tub. I will speak to you latter on. Look here, no one should know about it.”

She rushed out of the room. I took the towel, mopped the drops and entered in the bath room with the towel in my hands. I never knew what turn the things will take now.

I was of the opinion that after this incident she will fully cooperate and regularly enjoy with me. But it went otherwise. After this incident our relations became tense. She will talk to me only in the presence of father or some one else. She will avoid being near me when no one else is there. She stopped teaching and helping me in my homework. She became more mechanical. I was also ashamed of the happenings. I too tried to keep distance to avoid repetition of such thing. After a month the situation started being a bit normal. She started talking to me now and then though only when it was very necessary. Like, to bring some medicine or to attend to a pone call at neighbor’s house, as we did not have a phone line. She will still not ask me anything about my studies. The routine was like that early in the morning she would leave the bed with father. Even if father would request her to sleep for some more time she would not listen to it and would leave the bed with him. She will prepare tea for him and fresh breakfast also. She would in variably bid him good-bye when he leaves home for office. Once father would leave for office she would engage herself in household works but she would never come to the room where I am sleeping. When I would get up and finish my daily routine, I would sit on the breakfast table. She would give me my breakfast and a glass of milk. She would never ask me about the quality of the food or about my choice. Even if I do not take the food well and leave it, she would not ask anything. She would simply remove the plate and go to kitchen.

However on Sunday she would show some change since father would be at home. She would call me by my name in loud voice. She would ask me what I would like to have in breakfast and lunch. Whether, the quality of food was o.k., Etc. In other words she would behave in a manner as if everything is normal. On other weekdays also when father is at home she would behave like that otherwise she would avoid me. Thus two months passed when suddenly one day I was informed that I have been admitted to a school hostel about 500 K.Ms away from my town and I will have to leave for the same soon. I was up set. I could know that my mother convinced my father that it would be better for my carrier to be out of town and prepare for my school final from a good school. One evening, before leaving for the new school, I approached my mother. She was washing plates in kitchen.

“Mom I want to speak to you.”- I said. She did not see to me and continued to wash plates.

“Mom I am sorry for all the happenings. I am too much ashamed for that. Please forgive me. I cannot bear with your behavior any more. I pray you, please forgive me. Please stop avoiding me and treat me normal.”- I started weeping. She looked towards me. She wiped her hands with her sari and took a long breath. She again looked me, cleaned her throat and said-“Look Balu. I am not avoiding you. I am not angered also. I am simply avoiding the situations in which such happenings may take place again.”

“I also agree with you. If we both are honest why it would be repeated?”- I said.

“I know, both of us are honest. None of us want to repeat it. But accidents are accidents. First time it was purely an accident. Next time it was my fault though due to your father’s incompetence. But the third time it was mere the situation. That is why I do not want to take risk any more.”- She explained.

“Please mom. Had it happened to you with some body other than me? Do you think, you would have behaved like you are behaving with me now?”- I asked in a very polite manner.

“I can’t say. But there is a difference between you and others. You are my own son. I get badly disturbed remembering that I had had sex with my own son.” She became silent. She rubbed her hand on her face and took some deep breaths. Then she said -“Look Balu, nothing in the world is as bad as having sex with own son. It is the greatest sin. We have committed the greatest sin and that too thrice. I do not know what would happen to us. I fear if we remain like that some one of us may loose control and the disgusting thing may take place again. But, I do not want to let it happen again at any cost. That is why it is better to maintain a little separation. This is good for us.”
“Mom I thank you. You have been very honest.”- I said. “I will also be very honest to you.” I continued-“I do not know about you, but, it was something quite new for me. I never wanted to do it. The first day was certainly an accident. The second day also it happened as you provoked me with your action. But the third day I think it was I who was responsible. I was so exited that I virtually raped you. I am the culprit. It is entirely my fault. I must be punished for that. I would cut my bob so that it never happens.”-I took the knife from the table, kept there for cutting fruits, and tried to open my pants Zip. I was really serious.

“No Balu. Don’t be foolish.”- She snatched the knife from me- “By cutting your tool you may kill you. I would never like you to be killed. Let me be honest. I really never enjoyed sex like this ever in my life. If you were not my son I would have probably continued the relation. But you are my son and that is the problem. So do not be mad. I would now start behaving normally with you. Simply be sure that we live like mother and son only.”-She said.

“I agree with you.”- I said –“But I have one question. If you like you may answer otherwise you may not.”

“What?”- She asked.

“You said you never enjoyed sex like this ever in your life and if I were not your son you would have probably continued the relation. Why?”- I enquired. She kept mum for some time. Then started speaking slowly-“Look Balu. It is not good answering such questions. But something happened between you and me, which has removed the curtains of hesitation from between us and made us quiet different. That is why I dare to speak a truth which usually no lady would have spoken to any one else than her husband.”

“Yes mom.” I asked.

“Balu, you are a magnificent boy. Your, I mean to say, you, means your, do you understand?” She was hesitating to speak something.

“My, what?” I enquired.

“How can I utter? I feel ashamed. I mean to say your big means from which you piss.”- She said and blushed.

“You mean to say my cock?”- I asked.

“Yes. Yours is so big. I can say it is one in millions. The length, the thickness, the size of the knob, the hardness, the strength, the capacity of holding for such a long period all are unparallel. It is such that a girl or a lady would simply be mad for it. Though you are only 14 but you are a complete man, rather much more than that.”- She said and lowered her face, which was red by now.

“I understand.”- I said-“You mean to say, though unwillingly, but you thoroughly enjoyed what ever happened during those three incidents, and if I were not your son you would have probably continued the relation. Am I correct?”

She kept mum. She did not raise her face and stood there like a statue. I moved forward. I raised her face with one of my finger. She could not see in my eyes and kept looking the ground. Her face was shinning. Her cheeks were red. Her lips were red like rose petals. They were as if vibrating. Her big eyes were looking towards the grounds. She was trying to dig the floor of the kitchen with the thumb of her right foot and was folding a corner of her saree around one of her finger. She was looking so pretty that I was exited again. My manhood rose under my pant and it was looking like a pole covered with cloth. She could see it and her mouth opened. - “Balu, Your…”

“Yes I am exited and my bob has erected under my pant. Because you are looking so beautiful and I am sure no lady in the world can match with your attraction. You look so young and so sexy. Though you are about 30 but you look hardly 22. You are the lady of my dreams.”

She looked to me in great surprise and I continued-“I confess that I got heavenly pleasure while having sex with you and I want to have that pleasure again and again through out my life. I also confess that I an in love with you and I can give my life for having even one intercourse with you.”

“Balu! Please. You are driving me crazy with your words and I may loose my control. Look son, let us stop and leave, else something very wrong may take place again.” –She said. Her voice was trembling.

“Yes you are right. We must stop and leave. It is clear that we both love each other and want to have sex. But we are mother and son so we are not allowed to do it. Well we will not do it.” I said. I raised her face and kissed her on her cheeks. She did not protest but stayed without any action. I kissed her on her lips, then on her neck, then on her boobs, then on her bailey, then on her bailey button, then on her thighs, then on her pussy and then I put my head on her feet. I remained like that for some time. She raised me by holding my arms. She also kissed me on my cheeks and then on my lips, then on my neck, then on my chest, then on my bailey, then on my bailey button, then on my hands, then on my both thighs, then on my erect prick and lastly on my feet. Then she took me in her arms tightly and said-“I also confess that I enjoyed it so much that I am dying to have it again and again thousand times throughout my whole life. But we are mother and son and so we are not allowed to do it and so we will not do it.”

She kissed me again and then released me from her arms. She was breathing heavily. -“It is very difficult to control. Balu, please be kind and help me. I am dying to have an intercourse with you here and now, at least once more. But no, please help me to get out of this place. Balu! Please.”

“Do not worry mom. I am happy that we have confessed before each other. We do not hold each other responsible. We are free now.’- I started leaving. Then said-“I hope you behave normally now.”

“Yes son.”- She said while crushing her lower lip with her teeth.

I left the room. I went to the bathroom, opened the zip of my pant and took out my tool. It was erect like an iron rod. I took it in my fist and started masturbating vigorously. I closed my eyes and started moving my ands as fast as I could. I must say that my mom was in my mind and I was thinking as if I am fucking her. After about 5 minutes I uttered “Oh, Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy” and fired like anything. I fired at least 10 times. I got some relief. I opened my eyes. I saw mummy was standing just before me and looking towards my firing tool. I could see that all the semen I fired was there on her sari and hand. –“Mom! You?”- I asked. She did not say anything. She smelled my semen drops on her hands. Then she removed the spots of my semen from her hand with her sari and said-“I can understand. Are you feeling OK now?”

I smiled hesitantly. She came near me. Washed my penis still oozing with my cum with her sari. Took in her hands, lowered her face and kissed the head of my dick several times. Then she put it inside my pant, closed the zip, kissed me on my lips and left the room. No doubt the life became normal thereafter. Though I used to masturbate quiet often and at times she caught me doing it. But she would not stop me. She would tell the same words every time “I can understand. Are you feeling OK now?” and do the same act of wiping my tool with her sari, kissing the head of my dick, put it inside my pant, close the zip, kiss me on my lips and leave the room. We could keep our words thereafter since I left for my new school after some days.


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