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Maa ko kaamsukh dekar apna banaya-3
I remained in the hostel till my final exams were completed. I could have come back home but fearing something bad may happen again I preferred to go for a long tour of different places till the results were published. I passed my school final with very good marks. I came home only when every thing about my admission was decided. I got admission in a college 400 K.Ms away from our town. I stayed at home only for one day and then left for my college. When I was leaving for the collage my mother started weeping like anything. She took me in her arms and kissed me several times before my father. My father also became sentimental but he consoled my mom. “He will be back soon during his vacations.”- He said. Any way I left for my college. I got a seat in the hostel. I got new friends. The college had co-education. Many beautiful girls were there but none was beautiful like my mom. Other students were always after girls but I had no interest in them. I even tried to get rid of my thinking about mom and concentrated in my studies. I did not go home even in vacations and remained confined to my studies. It helped me in my studies. I did not go home for a complete year. My results were the best in the first semester. I stood first in the university. My principal wrote an appreciation letter to my father. After the results we were given one month leave. The hostel was closed and we were asked to go home. I never wanted to go home where my mother was there but there was no way out. I had to go home. I came home after six months. My train reached my town at 4.00 p.m. When my parent came to the station to receive me I could see their happiness. Mom was very happy. She was blooming with joy. I noticed that she has become more pretty. The glow on her face was more visible than earlier. She hugged me at the platform and kissed me on my cheek. I looked in her eyes but did not say anything as father was there.

We went home. My father was so happy that he arranged a party for all his staff in his office to celebrate my success. Father asked us to get ready immediately since we had to go to his office to attend the party thrown by him to celebrate my success. Though I was tired but I got ready and we left by 5.30 p.m. in our car driven by our old driver. We reached there at 7.30 P.M.. Every one was praising me and my parent. Mom would take me every where and introduce to every one. After some time I could notice that all the male in the party were looking my mom only. Their look was not normal. It was full of sexual hunger. Their eyes would follow her, wherever she goes. I felt bad. After all she was my mother. I felt jealous also. I looked her with more attention. She was looking great. She was in Sari and low cut sleeveless blouse. Her hairs were spread on her shoulders. Her lips were looking like a piece of fresh orange. Her buttocks were firm and would swing when she walks. She was looking so sexy. Her solid boobs were peeping through her low cut blouse and her cleavage was apparent. Her big eyes were blushing with happiness. Her thighs were a little visible from her transparent sari. Her white complexion, with a touch of slight redness was shinning in the light of mercury tubes. She was looking hardy 23, though she was 31 now. In nut shell she was looking great. I felt as if my cock is rising inside my pant. I felt a great urge. I left for bathroom to adjust my rising tool in my pant. I went in side a toilet and took out my tool. I thought it would be better to jack off. I started jacking off. I closed my eyes and imagined if I am fucking mom. I had given only a few strokes when I heard some one coming inside.

They were two mails. No doubt, they were officers of father’s office. I was inside the toilet so they did not see me. They started pissing and talking at the same time.

“Yar, did you see Baboo Lal’s wife.”

“Yes yar. They are like beauty and the beast”

“She is looking great, Yar. Do something so that we can get a chance to fuck her.”

“Oh, that will be so nice. Let us thatch a plan.”

“ Only very lucky people will get a chance to enter into her pussy yar.”

“Yes. I agree. I never saw a lady so beautiful in my life. She is much more beautiful and sexy than any film heroin.”

“You are right. But she is the wife of our subordinate.”

“What subordinate? If she would have been my sister or daughter, even then I would have fucked her.”

“You are great Yar. How can you say like that about your sister and daughter?”

“Do not wonder Yar. None of my sister and daughter is that beautiful, yet I molested them and made my sister pregnant.”

“You never told me. I allowed you to fuck my wife. You too must allow me to have sex with your sister and daughter, Yar.”

“No problem Yar. Come to my house when my wife is away.”

“You mean to say your wife does not know about it?”

“Yar! She is a bitch. Always smelling if I am after some cunt? But my Sister and Daughter are very mod. Both do not mind being fucked by me.”

“Do you fuck them regularly?”

“I get chance rarely as my wife seldom goes out of home. But on Sunday she goes to see her mother and father and remains out from morning to evening. We get a chance on that day and enjoy thoroughly.”

“You should take care. Your sister is a married girl but your daughter is not.”

“I always use condom while fucking my daughter. With my sister there is no problem I made her pregnant.”

“You mean to say it is you who fathered her baby?’

“You are right. Every body thinks it is of her husband, but she told me that it is mine and not of her husband.”

“Oh, I am so exited. Tomorrow is Sunday. May I come to fuck her?”

“You are most well come. I will tell both Rani and Rajani to be ready for you. You can enjoy with both of them together.”

They left the room. I was surprised at their conversation. Do all rail people fuck their inner relations like me and those officers? I again started thinking about mom. She is really sexy as observed by them. They are ready to fuck her even if she be their sister or daughter. Then what is bad if I fuck her, though she is my mother? I thought. How I agreed with her and did not fuck her for more than a year? Oh, it was foolish. I would certainly try at the nearest available chance, I decided. I stopped the idea of jacking off. Let me save my strength for a nice fuck with her. I put my tool under my pant, closed the zip and came out. Mother was looking for me –“Where had you been? Son! Every one is looking for you.” - She took a plate and started feeding me with her own hands as if I were still a kid. She was also taking food from the same plate. While eating I took a glance of the surrounding. Everybody was busy having his dinner. No one was around us. I looked towards her and said slowly- Mummy!”

“Yes son.”- She answered while chewing a piece of chicken.

“You are looking very charming and sexy. You are the most beautiful of all the women and girls here.” – I praised her.

She laughed. Happiness was visible in her eyes. She smiled and said- “Thanks for the complement. What are your intensions? Do not be naughty. Please remember the promise we had with each other.”

“Oh! I do remember. We can have a kissing session only, nothing more than a kiss. Am I right?”- I said.

“Yes. That’s like a good boy.”- She said and smiled so nicely.

“Mom, if at all we kiss, it must be very nice, both sides should participate honestly with their full passion. Since we will be kissing after a year, it must be a memorable one. Am I right?”- I said.

“That will be seen, when time comes.”- She said –“Now eat silently.”

The party was over by 9.30 p.m.

Father was busy with some of his officers. All of a sudden a phone call came. The General Manager attended the call and said something to the entire officer. My father came near us. He told mummy -“Ramani, I will have to stay back for some more time with my other colleagues. You and Balu better leave for home. You can take the car. The driver will drop you and come back. The road is nice and quite safe. Nothing to worry, I will be coming latter on.”

So we left for home. I was sitting on the rear seat with mummy. She was asking me about my college and I was answering all her queries. We both were quite fresh and happy. When our town was about 20 K.Ms the car suddenly started knocking and then it stopped. The driver checked the engine and said-“There is no petrol. I will have to go to the town and fetch some. The nearest pump is about 5 K.Ms. Please sit in the car till I come.”

“What are you talking? How can we stay in this lonely place in night? It is about 11.00 P.M.. It is a full moon night as such; every thing is so clearly visible. Any one passing by can see that a lady and a young boy are there in the car in this lonely place. They may attack us. You are a stupid. Why did not you check petrol before starting?”- Mother took the driver left and right.

“I am sorry, but there is no way. Moreover the place and the road are quite safe. So please don’t be scared. Sit in the car. I would be back soon.”- The old man said and left.

My mother was very upset. “Just see this idiot. He has put us in such a dangerous situation.”-She said and started abusing the driver in local dialect.

I took her hand in my hands and said-“Take it easy. Don’t be scared. I am with you. He will be back in an hour.”

She did not say anything. I also kept mum. After some time I started conversation. “Mom! Just see how beautiful the night looks with full moon in the sky”

She looked out of the car and said-“Yes, the full moon is so beautiful.”

“But certainly not as beautiful as you.”- I praised her beauty once again.

“OK,OK do not flatter me.”- She said and shifted nearer to me and said- “It is a bit cold also. Is not it?”

“Yes.”- I said.

“What do you do in such nights in your hostel?’- She asked.

“I study or sleep.”- I answered.-“Some time I talk to my follow students.”

“Do you talk to girls also?”

“No. There is a separate hostel for them.”

“How far is girls’ hostel from your hostel?”

“It is nearby.”

“Do you visit them?’


“Do other students visit?”


“Why don’t you visit?”

“I don’t like?”

“Why? Don’t you have any girl friend?”


“You are so tall, handsome and strong. You have a peculiar attraction for ladies. I know girls must be fascinating for you. They must have approached you for friendship?”

“Many of them approached but I was not interested?”

“Are they not beautiful?”

“They are but not like…”

“Not like whom?”

I did not answer.

She came nearer, took one of my hands in her hand. She was so near that one of her boobs was touching my arm. The fragrance coming out of her body was entering my nostrils and I was exited.

“Hay! Handsome, Just tell me. Not like whom?”- She whispered in my ear.

Hesitatingly I said-“Not like you.”

“You liar.”- She laughed and slapped lightly on my cheeks-“Do not make a fool of me. I am an old lady. There must be very young and beautiful girls in your collage.”- I could feel that she was pleased with my answer. I put my arm around her neck and whispered in her ears. - “I tell you a truth. I do not know whether there are beautiful girls and ladies there in the world or not, but I am fascinated to only one and that is you.”

“You are flirting with your mom. Is not it so Balu?”- She said and laughed happily.

“No, Mom! I swear. I could never forget your charm and beauty. Whenever I... I mean to say…..”- I hesitated again.

“Do not hesitate. Tell me.”- She was so eager.

“Whenever I…” I hesitated again.

“You mean to say masturbated?”- She completed the sentence eagerly.

“Yes.”- I said-

“How many times you masturbate in a month?”- She asked.

“At least once every day. Some times twice a day” I answered hesitantly.

“It is not good for health. Try to get rid of this bad habit. We are so close and open to each other so I tell you. If you will go on doing it your dick will bent to one side and may loose its hardness. In due course you may loose your power of holding for a long while enjoying with a lady. When you get married you will not be able to satisfy your wife in bed. Then she will be always looking for other capable ones. So get rid of this bad habit.”- She gave me a long lecture.

“ I would take care but when ever it is unbearable only then I do it. I muster bate remembering…” I could not complete.

“Remembering whom? “ She asked eagerly again. She knew the answer but was eager to hear it from my mouth. I kept mum. She became impatient. “Tell me Balu! Whom do you remember while masturbating?”

“You mom. Only you.” I said.

“You liar. You are making a fool of me. You must be doing it remembering some film star or some beautiful girl of your collage. Am I right?”- She said. Her voice was full of pleasure as she knew that it was she and none else, yet she wanted to confirm it.
“NO. Mom, it is only you and only you. None else in the world.”- I said.

“Oh, Balu , you are so sweet.”- She raised her face and kissed me on my cheek for a long.

It excited me. I smelled her hair and asked –“Now may I kiss you mom?” – I tried to turn her towards me. This time she became alert.

She moved her face and said-“Balu! We are alone here. We should be care full. It is a road and any one may come any time.”

I turned her face towards myself again and said. –“Please mom. Do not stop me. Let me kiss you. It is mid night now. No one is coming. Please let us kiss each other. I am dying for this for last one year. Moreover, kissing is no problem you told me.”- I requested.

“No. It may turn dangerous.”- She said.

“It won’t. I promise you. Please do not say no. I love you and you love me too. I have come after such a long period and if you do not kiss me I would leave tomorrow it self and never come back.” –I requested and at the same time threatened also. She did not say anything. I turned her face towards me again. This time she did not withdraw. I took her face in my palms. I put my lips on her and started kissing. Our mouths met and the hot kiss continued for quiet a long. After 2 to 3 minutes I released her face. Now she took my face in her soft palms. She started kissing and sucking my lips and rotating her tongue in my mouth. I slowly opened my pant and underwear one by one and put it off. I was fully naked below my waist now. My erect prick was standing like an iron pole. It was erected in its full size. I started giving mild strokes. I was masturbating while she was kissing me. All of a sudden she left me and removed her mouth. She saw me naked and moving my hand on my tool.

-“What are you doing Balu?”- She asked. She was trying to control her breaths.

“I am trying to jack me off mom.”- I said.

“My God! Are you so exited?”- She asked.

“Just see.”- I said. I took her hand and put it on my erected manhood. She first withdrew her hand but when I again put it there she held it softly. She moved her hand from top to the root of my erected tool and said-“It has become more long, thick and hard.”

“Yes, it is now 8.5” long and 6” thick. Even after so many masturbations neither it is has loosed its hardness nor it has tilted ”- I said- “You can examine yourself and be satisfied.”

“My God. You are like a bull, simply fantastic.’- She said and removed the foreskin. Then she took the head of my cock in her palm and said-“Oh, Balu! It is big like a big ping-pong ball.”

Suddenly an idea appeared in my mind and I said-“Mom I feel so good. Please hold it tight.”

She tightened her grip on it and started squeezing a bit harder.

“Oh, Mom! It feels so nice. Please go on doing so.”- I said in a voice expressing my pleasure. She squeezed harder and gave some strokes.

“Harder, mom!”- I requested.

“If I squeeze harder, you may cum in my hand.”- She said. She put one of her arm around my neck and started kissing me on my mouth. She was breathing very heavily. Her nipples were hard and I was feeling it on my chest. While kissing me passionately she was some times squeezing my tool and at times giving strokes.

“Why don’t you jack me off mom? It will be so nice.”- I said.

“Shit.”- She said and removed her hand from my tool. I could not bear it. “Oh. Mom! Please.”- I said and caught her hand to put it back on my tool.

She laughed and withdrew her hand. We struggled. I was trying to put her hand on my cock again and she was resisting. In this pull and push she fell on the seat. I immediately climbed on her. Took her in my arms and kissed her.

“No, Balu! Please remember, we made some promise to each other.”- She said.

“Yes I remember. But don’t you have any love for your son? And who is looking us here?”- I said.

I put my hand on her boobs. After squeezing them for some time I forcefully opened her blouse and bra and removed them. She became naked on her upper half. Her boobs were like two small hare. I took the nipple of one of the boobs in my mouth immediately and started sucking. It was fully erected and hard, showing that mom was also exited like me.

I took her fully under me and separated her legs. I removed her sari and petticoat and put them on the front seat. She became fully naked now. I tried to put my finger into her cunt. She was wearing a tight panty. - “Please remove it mom.”- I requested.

“No. Let me sit down. I will jack you off.”- She said.

“It is too late mom. Please let me fuck you once.” –I said trying to remove her panty.

“No. You can satisfy yourself by putting between my thighs. I will hold it tight there. You can pump between them and be satisfied.”- She said.

“Oh! No.”- I said and tore the panty. I threw it out of car. She was completely naked now. I adjusted my tool on the mouth of her pussy but she moved her hip. I could not enter. I tried many times but she did the same trick. I was completely out of control now.

“Please mom! Only once, I cannot bear anymore. Please.”- I requested like a beggar and tried to put my tool on her entrance.

“No Balu! This is wrong. I tell you, stop immediately.”- She said and pushed me with all her strength. The push was so mighty that I fell down between the seats. Before I could come out of the position she got up from the seat, opened the door on her side and jumped out of the car. Now she was standing stark naked on the road. I was in a fix. She was looking like a statue of marble in moon light. It was such an attractive Sean that only a person who has seen it can know. For some time I went on looking at her tantalizing beauty. Then I came out and stood on the other side. We were now standing on opposite sides of the car, looking at each other. Both were fully naked. All the parts of our body were visible to the other one in the moon light. My eyes were on her boobs which were like middle size papaya and were in full size without a slightest sign of slanginess. Her eyes were fastened on my 8.5” fully erect penis throbbing like a black iron rod.

I started moving towards her side.

“No. Balu! Do not come to this side. I warn you.”- She said.

“What warn? I have fucked you in your mouth and in your pussy. You confessed that you enjoyed my fucking. Now you are saying me it is wrong and warning me.”- I reacted.

“Yes. I warn you.”- She repeated.

“You are a foolish lady. You are standing stark naked on a road. Any vehicle may come anytime and the driver can see you naked in his vehicles light. What will happen then?”- I asked. It worked. She covered her boobs with hands and sat on the road itself.-“Please give me my cloths, but do not come near me.”- She said. I entered the car and took her sari for giving the same to her. Suddenly a piece of cloud covered the moon. It became a little dark. We were now not able to look each other clearly in the faint light. I changed my mind. I took a large circular turn without telling anything and reached on her back. She looked here and there and then called me- “Balu! Where are you?”

I did not reply.- “Balu ! Please do not get me scared. Where are you?”- She was afraid. I came just behind her without making any noise.

“Balu! Please. I am too scared. Where are you?”

“I am here mom.”- I said. –“Just behind you.”

At this point a bird made a horrible sound like laughing of a man from the near by Banyan tree. It was probably an owl. Its voice was certainly fearful in that lonely place in mid night. Mom jumped like anything. She turned and held me in her arms. She was afraid and shivering. I also took her in my arms and embraced her tightly. Her fully naked body was in my arms. Her firm breasts were pressed on my chest. My erect tool was poking on her bailey. I patted on her back and said-“Do not be afraid. Your son is with you.”

“Take me to the car.”- She said.

“Yes darling.”-I said and lifted her in my arms. She was hardly 55 kg. I took two steps and came near the engine of the car. I put her on the bonnet. Her legs were hanging apart. I came between them.

“Please Balu. Do not do this. I will do whatever you will say. I will even suck you and you can ejaculate in my mouth, but please no intercourse. Please accept my request.”- She requested, but I was in no mood to oblige her. I lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders. Now, her pussy was exactly before my tool which was throbbing with passion to enter into it.

“Balu Please!.”- She requested again-“You are a meritorious student. Please do not spoil yourself. Incest like intercourse with your own mother will spoil you. Please don’t drag me on this path any more. I will again fall in my own eyes. How happy I was, thinking that my son is on right path now.”

“I am on right path mom. Exactly on the right path, just see.” – I said and touched her pussy mouth with the head of my manhood. It was oozing with her love juice. I put my hands beneath her hips. Hold them tight and gave a heavy push. The knob of my 6” thick manhood fastened between her pussy lips.

“Oh, Balu. Please.”- She said helplessly.

“Oh, mom. Please relax and enjoy. Let me prove that even after masturbating daily or even twice a day I can satisfy the sexual desire of a lady fully.”- Saying so I gave three consecutive push and my entire bob disappeared inside her slippery but tight vagina. She stopped protesting and was breathing heavily. I started pumping. Her hips were resting on the bonnet of the car. Her legs were on my shoulders. Her boobs were in my hands and her pussy was eating my 8.5” long and 6” thick, donkey like, manhood. It was an exiting situation. She was compelled to put her arms around my neck for support. I was pumping like a steam engine. She was now making noise like Ha! Ha! Ha! with each of my mighty push. The speed was such that I was giving at least 50 pushes a minute. I was fucking a cunt after about one year. I was so thrilled and exited. Her arms were around my neck. She was holding me tight. I kissed her on her mouth and said-“Mom! I know. Father does not give you pleasure of sex. His penis is small and loose. You need a large and strong cock to satisfy the lust of your cunt, just like mine. Enjoy it mom. Enjoy every push that I am giving to your cunt with my 8’5” long and 6” thick manhood. Just think I am your son and you are my mom. Simply enjoy this magnificent fucking session of a mother with her 15 year young son”

She did not answer but further tighten her grip around my neck and started kissing in my mouth very hard. I felt that she was moving her hip upward with each of my push.

“Ooooooonnnnnh” She moaned suddenly biting my lips and then her grip around my neck started loosing its strength. The sensation was such that a boy like me who used to sustain for 15 to 20 minutes reached the climax hardly in 10 minutes.
“Oh, mom! I am cumming.”- I said and increased my speed.

“Please take your tool out. Do not come inside. I am not in safe period.”- She said and tried to move but my 8.5” long manhood was inside her and her position was like something nailed on the wall with 8.5” iron nail.

I put my hands below her hips and dragged her upward while inserting my prick inside her as deep as possible. I fired inside her like anything. I was fucking a woman after one year and so my semen came like a flood. As usual I released my load in installments for about 3 minutes. It would come like a strong jet out of my penis and touch the sensitive inner walls of her vagina. Every time I fired the jet of my hot semen in her vagina, she trembled with exclamation like-“Oh Balu! Please stop, Please take it out, it’s going straight in my womb. I am in my peak fertile period.”

After some time I released her. She got down from the bonnet, spread her legs and put her middle finger in her cunt. She was trying to remove my semen from her vagina. She then went inside the car. I too came inside. She took her sari and started doing the same thing again. She put a corner of her sari deep into her cunt with the help of her fingers and started mopping inside. She did it for quite some period and said-“You have done a dangerous thing. You know I am passing through my most sensitive period of fertility. You are a grown up boy of over 15 years now and you ejaculate much more than 10 normal men. You have ejaculated so much that your semen is flowing down my thighs like a river of cum. Your so much of semen may make me pregnant. What will happen if it happens so? Have you ever thought?” – She said. She was really anguished. I kept mum. Something smelt like cooked rice water.

“What is that smell, mom?” I asked. She did not reply but laughed slowly. She was still breathing heavily.

“Where are my blouse, bra and petticoat?”- Searching them she asked. I took the blouse and bra from the front seat and tried to give it without saying anything. Inside the car we were sitting stark naked. I raised my hand to deliver the cloth but it straightway touched her boobs.

“Oh, not again, Son!”- She said. These four words made me hot immediately. I threw the cloths back on the front seat. I dragged her near me and started kissing her like a mad man. My tool was hard again and facing towards the roof of the car. I was sitting on the seat so I dragged her on my laps. I forced her to separate her legs and to sit on my laps facing me. She did not protest much. Now she was on my lap with both her legs separated fully. I was between her thighs and her cunt was just on my tool. She took a deep breath and said-“You will kill me. I know.”

I took my prick in hand and adjusted its head on her pussy mouth. I took her hips in my hands and pressed them on my tool. My tool smoothly entered in her wet and slippery vagina. It was not so tight this time. Only two pushes disappeared it fully inside her. I embraced her and said-“Mom, you fuck me this time.”

“No. I can not.”- She said. -“You are my son.”

“No problem. If you can not fuck your son, let me fuck my mother.”- I said.

“You have become a shameless person. Please do not talk so dirty.” She said but did not put any obstacle. I started pumping. This time, I was pumping very slowly. The wet cunt slowly became dry and the mussels of her pussy started making it tight. It was magnificent. “You are tight like a virgin. How do you keep it so tight mom?” I asked while fucking her slowly. She did not tell anything. “Really mom, your vagina is so tight. I feel as if some one is grabbing my tool in fist. I think it is like fucking a virgin girl first time and taking her cherry. How do you keep it so tight mom?” - I repeated my question. She laughed slowly and asked “How do you know that virgins are tight there? How many virgins have you enjoyed with?”

“I have not tested any virgin. My friends say so. I have enjoyed only one cunt and that is my moms’.”- I said.

“Oh! You are so sweet a young man.”- She said and kissed me.

I increased my speed. She laughed slowly and said- “You have become very expert in fucking.”

I lay her on the seat and started hampering very hard. She was raising her hip every time when I was pulling out my tool. My tool was 8.5” long so even if I was pulling most of it out, at least the head was remaining inside her vagina. Then I was entering it very force fully. Her passage became slippery again and my pumping became easy. Once I pulled my tool too much up so that it came out of her pussy. She immediately held it in her hand and put it on her pussy mouth. Before I give a push she raised her hip and my dick was inside. I started pumping fast. Now a sound like “FUCHCH, FUCHCH, and FUCHCH” was coming out of it with my each move.

“What is this sound coming out mom?”- I asked mischievously.

“It is the sweetest song in the world for a love making pair.”- She said.

“The sweetest song sung by a cock and a pussy?”- I asked.

“You shameless chap’”- She said and strongly bite on my cheek.

The road was lonely and no noise was there. As such the sound of our heavy breathing and FUCHCH, FUCHCH was clearly audible. Suddenly mom took me very tightly in her arms. She raised her legs high. Then after some more fucking she wrapped her legs around me. “Oh, Balu! You are killing me. Oh you are splendid. My God! Ooooooonnh, mom!.”- She said loudly and collapsed. Her legs dropped and her arms also came down. She breathed heavily for a while and then said-“Now finish it Balu, but do not ejaculate inside this time.”

“Just a few more pushes mom.”- I said and started moving faster.

After about 20 more pushes I fired my semen in her womb. I could not oblige her by taking out my cock and firing out of her pussy. She did not say anything, simply embraced me tight once again. I fired my load like a jet at least 15 times inside her and then collapsed on her chest. We remained in that position for another 20 minutes. Then I pulled my prick out of her cunt. It came out with a sound “FUCK”.

She laughed in a very low voice.-“What happened, what is this noise?”- She asked.

“You are so tight mom and my tool is very thick. That is why my pumping creates a vacuum inside your hole. Just like moving of a piston inside the cylinder of a pump. When I pull my prick out of your pussy like a piston out of the cylinder, the air rushes inward and the sound comes “FUCK”. It means it was a successful fuck.”– I explained.

This time she laughed very laud and heartily. –“My son has become very wise.” – She said and kissed me. There was no shame in her voice. It was full of pleasure and satisfaction.

“Mom! Did you enjoy it? Could I satisfy you? Please tell me the truth.” – I asked her.

“Oh, you are a darling.”- She kissed me and said-“But every time you are breaking your promise.”

“I am sorry, but we have utilized the time in the best way. Is not it so?”- I said moving my hand on one of her boobs-“I always missed you like anything.”

“Me too.”- She replied and kissed me.

“You mean to say you always wanted to be fucked by me and all your resistance was false?”- I asked in surprise.

“A wise man understands the mood of a woman by her gesture and posture. A woman would not say yes for sex even if she would be dying for it.”- She gave me the clue.

“I thought I am doing all per force against your will. Any way, mom! I am happy that you are so satisfied with my performance.”- I said and kissed her.

“You have become very naughty. Now get up, the driver must be coming.”- She said and wanted to get up.

“Where is the driver? I think he will take at least one more hour. In the mean time we can have another round.”- I said and touched her wet pussy with another hand and put my middle finger inside.

She jumped slightly and said-“Is it enough for tonight. Much of it is not good for your health. Moreover, you wanted it once only and already had it twice. Now get up and let mom clean herself. The smell of your cum and my juice is spread in the car like anything and the old driver will immediately understand what happened on his back inside the car.”

Her bold words exited me again and my manhood was erected fully. I was already between her thighs so my tool started touching her pussy. She touched my tool with her hand and exclaimed- “My God, it is ready again, so soon?.”

“Yes mom. It is ready again for the third term. You are so sexy and provocative that I can fuck you 1000 times continuously. Your pussy is so tight and delicious. I. am so exited that I want to fuck you once more, if you allow.” I said and started rubbing the head of my tool on her wet vagina.

“You became ready again within 20 minutes Balu. Oh, are you so sexy? Oh Balu! You are the dream mail of any woman?”- She said and took my tool in her hands.

She removed the fore skin and took its head in her fist. She was at times squeezing it and at times rubbing it on her pussy. She was making hissing noise every time she was rubbing the head of my tool on her pussy mouth.-“The head is so big that if you fuck a young girl, it may tear her apart. Only grown up women like me can take it inside. It shows that you are a very-very strong and sexy boy.”

“Yes I am sexy. My mother has made me so sexy.” – I replied while squeezing her nipples.

“Me? Do not blame me. Who fucked me per force first? You mother fucker.”- She reacted and pinched on my testicles.

“Who sucked my cock first? You son fucking whore! You provoked me to fuck your cock hungry Cunt. How many mothers allow their son to fuck them? You are as generous as beautiful and sexy. You are great fucking doll who does not hesitate to be fucked even by her son’s dick.”- I said and kissed her while pushing my prick in her hole.

“Go on speaking darling. It gives me a great kick” – She said while raising her hip.

“Oh Mommy, you are very beautiful. You are slim and your complexions are superb like a mixture of milk and vermilion. You look so innocent and sexy at the same time. Your boobs are rounding, shapely and firm. Your thighs are long, smooth, tight and soft. Your lips are red, juicy and soft. Your eyes are big and attractive. Your voice is so sweet. Your cunt is deep, very tight and has very less hair on it and those too small and smooth. Any one who will fuck you once will not be attracted to any other woman in his life.”- I took a breath and continued-“When I fuck you it gives me great satisfaction as I know that I am pumping my tool in my own mother’s vagina. I am fucking the same lady who gave me birth. I am pumping my cock in the same vagina from which I came out. I am filling the same womb with my seed where I remained for 9 months. I am a great mother fucker and have an equally great son fucking mom.”

“Oh Balu, You are so sweet. No one praised me like this, ever. Now speak less and fuck more. Pump your mighty manhood in your mother’s vagina harder and faster. Fuck to the satisfaction of both of us till the driver comes. Fuck your sex - hungry mother. You are a great-great Mother fucker. Fuck me my son. Fuck your mother. I love your tool. It’s great having your cock in my pussy. Give me all the nice fucking that your father could not give. Oh, I am a great son fucking mother. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck me my son. Fuck me hard.”- She said and started moving her hips in a rhythm. I also started pumping in her with a great speed. It was my third chance within an hour. I fucked her like any thing for about 30 minutes this time. During this, she climaxed six times. Every time she climaxed the passage became very slippery. To make the passage dry she will take out my tool, wipe it with her sari, wipe her vagina by putting her sari inside and then by taking my tool in her hand, would remove the foreskin and insert it in her pussy again. After 30 minutes I ejaculated in side her and fired my load one after another. This time she did not ask me to pull out while ejaculating. She put her breasts on my chest and rubbed them mercilessly. After ejaculation I collapsed on her chest. I was feeling week now. We remained in that position for about half an hour. Then she removed me. She sat on the seat while I was lying there. She cleaned herself and asked me to clean myself.

“Clean me also. I am very tired. Your pussy has sucked all my strength.”- I said.

“You naughty, you have fucked me up to my brains. My pussy has become loose like a gunny bag”- She said and wiped my lump tool with her sari. –“My god, even now it is at least 5” long and 4” thick, much, much bigger than your father.”- She said -“would you like to have a fourth round with your mummy?’

“No, Not now”- I said in a tired voice and sat on the seat.

“So that is all your power? You mother fucker! You claimed to fuck me 1000 times continuously.”- She laughed and gave me a blow.

She then looked ahead and said-“See there is some light. Probably the driver is coming. Set your dress and let me also set my sari and blouse properly. You naughty, you have torn my panty. Please open all the windows and gates so that the mixed cent of my pussy juice and your semen is not there inside the car.” – She said and started wearing her cloths. I also wore my pant and shirt properly and opened all the windows and doors wide. Now the driver was clearly visible. He was often putting on the torch. We sat properly. Taking her hand in my hand I said-“Thank you mom.”

“Do not mention. But remember, not a word to any one. And behave like a good son whenever there is some one near by. Do you understand?”- She said and gave me a pinch.

“Oh mummy, I will obey your instructions in true letter and spirit.” – I said and squeezed one of her boobs while planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Oh, what an obedient son I have got.”- She said and laughed. Within a couple of minutes the driver reached there. We were sitting in two corners of the rear and talking about the party when he came. He poured petrol in the tank and drove us home. He dropped us there at 1.30 P.M. and went back immediately. We opened the door, went inside our room, fell on the bed like dead and slept immediately. Next day when I got up it was 10.30 A.M. I left the bed and went to bathroom. I pissed. My urine was a little red. I became scarred. I came running out of the bathroom. I started looking for mom. She was in kitchen. The maidservant was mopping the floor.

“Hi Balu, When did you come home?’- The maidservant asked. I did not answer her.

“Mom ! Please come inside the room. I have some problem.”- I said and started dragging her by arm.

She became a little disturbed. – “What is the matter?”

“Oh! First you come inside the room.” I said. She came with me inside the room. I opened the zip of my pant and took my cock out.

“What are you doing? The maidservant is here. Your father is in drawing room talking to Mr. Rana.”- She whispered and tried to see if the maidservant is coming. She was thinking that I am hot and going to fuck her.

“Oh, don’t be silly. Something has happened to my penis.” I said-“See, I pissed blood in the bath room just now. I am too much scared.”

She smiled. Then she said-“Don’t be scarred. It is no problem. It is natural. Too much of intercourse in a series at a time, may cause some scratches inside the urinary tube. When you piss after too much of sex, at times the urine becomes a little red.”

“Oh! I thought something serious has happened.”- I took a breath of solace and smiled.

“Yes. Be careful in future you big cock.” – She quickly kissed me and left.

She went out of the room but came back quickly. She came near me and whispered – “The maid servant will be finishing her work in another half an hour and your father is leaving for some meeting in the nearby town. Do you understand?” – She smiled mischievously and said again – “Get ready fast. Your breakfast is ready.”

“Would the breakfast be as tasty as the dinner in the car last night?”- I asked.

“Shit! Don’t talk filthy, that too, when other people are nearby. Now control yourself. Try to be a good son. Both of us should forget the incident of last night as a dream and try to keep up the promises we made to each other. It would be good for all of us. Do you understand, you big tool, Mother Fucker”?- She whispered in my ears and left. I was confused. What does she mean? Her instructions are very clear but the last words do not coincide with the instructions. Any way, it would bee seen when time comes, I decided. I entered in the bathroom. I took about one hour there. When I was coming out, my father called me – “Baloo, what are your programs today? Would you like to come with me? I am going to the near by town for a meeting and there is a nice foot ball match there.”

Before I could say anything, mummy replied from the kitchen - “He has come home after so many months. He is not going anywhere out. He is going to stay at home and we will enjoy together.”

“That is nice. I wish I could have stayed with you, but I am sorry. I have to attend a meeting. Any way, I promise to be back soon and we would go to a good restaurant for our dinner tonight.”- He said and left.

I was astonished at the boldness of my mother. She said in clear words that she is going to enjoy with me. Though, father did not get the real meaning but I got the massage clearly.

I was standing in the drawing room with a towel around my waist when mom came there. I was combing my hair. –“Let me comb you.”- She said and took the comb from me. She started combing. I stood like an obedient son.

“The maid servant has gone and your father has also left for meeting. I have closed the main door and all the windows also. Now no one is nearby except Mr. 8.5”and me - She said while combing my hair-“But I warn You Mr. Mother fucker. You must keep your promise. If you try to break your promise, I shall scream loudly.”

I could understand what she actually meant to say. I was not exited but her words gave me a sensation. “My God, if you scream loudly, all our neighbors would come here.”-I said.

“Yes, and they will beat you.”- She said and pinched my cheek.

“You are right. They will ask me why your mother was screaming.”- I said.

“Yes.”- She said and kissed on my neck.

“I will say, She saw a 8.5” long 6” thick black snake whose head was red and it was trying to enter a hole. That is why she was screaming.”- I said and rested my head on her breasts. She laughed.

“Then they will ask where the snake is and which hole it has entered to?”- I said again-“What I would do mummy?”

All of a sudden she took off the towel and threw it off. I tried to take it back but failed. I was standing stark naked before her. She saw me and laughed. She was looking at my penis only. It was not erected. It was in a limp status. She touched it and said- “Here is the black snake. But what happened to it? Why is it sleeping?”

“It gets up only when the bushy hole is there before it.”- I said and tried to take off her cloths. She did not come in my clutch. She laughed and said-“Let me see it naked. Though I have felt its size and power in me, but I want to see it naked.”

I was exited by now. My penis stated raising and taking jerks. Within moment it was in its full 8.5” size. The black manhood was looking like big size black cobra raising its head in the air.

Mummy came near. She was looking fascinated. She was looking nothing but my penis.

“Oh my God, how beautiful it is.” – She said and took in her soft palm. Then, she started moving her hand on it. She removed the foreskin from its head. Then she lowered her face, brought her nose near its head and took a deep breath. She then took out her tongue and liked the head of my manhood and said -“Oh my God, I have seen nothing in the world so beautiful, fascinating, smelling and testing so nice.”- She looked at me and asked-“Balu dear! Do you promise it will remain mine only? You will not allow any other woman to test it?”

“I promise mom.”- I said-“But you should be fair.”

“I did not get you.”- She again looked me with a question in her eyes.

“Look, you have seen me naked. You have smelled and licked my tool but I have not got any thing. You should be fair and give me also a chance to look you naked, smell and lick you.”- I said.

“You naughty, you are a darling.”- She stood and kissed on my lips. Then said-“I got my things. You get yours. But you must keep your promise.”

I got the sign. I first kissed her. Then I removed her sari first. Then I removed her blouse. She was not wearing any bra. Her breasts jumped out. They were middle sized. White like milk with red nipple and red circle around the nipple. I removed her petticoat. She was standing before me stark naked. Though I had fucked her six times by now and saw her naked in moon light but seeing her in full daylight was quite a different experience.

I never thought in dreams of my dreams that she is so beautiful, shapely and sexy. She was such that I do not have words. I stood fascinated like an enchanted man for some time. She remained in that position showing me her beauty for some time but felt shamed soon and covered her face with her palms.

“My God, I can not believe that a woman can be so pretty.”- I exclaimed.

She hides her face in my chest.

“Balu my darling, please tell me honestly. Do you really like me? Do you think I am beautiful?”- She asked.

“I swear mom. Though you are in my arms yet I can not believe that a woman can look so beautiful and sexy.” –I said and tightened my embraces. She raised her face. Her eyes were closed. She opened her lips and said – “Balu, kiss me and love me my Son.”

“Yes mom.”- I said and I kissed her on her lips. I took her lower lip between my teeth and started crushing it hard. She put her arms around my neck. I lifted her in my arms. She was hardy 55 Kg. I took her to the sofa and put her on it. I sat by her side and started squeezing her breasts genteelly She started moaning. She took my penis in her hand, took a turn, lay on her side, opened her mouth and took it in. She started sucking it. My penis was in its full size. She was unable to take all the 8.5” in her mouth but I think she took at least 6” of it in. Now, she was moving her head as if being fucked in her mouth. I put my hand on her pussy and started teasing her clitoris. She started moaning loudly. I stood a little and took her head between my thighs. I held her head in my hands and stated pumping in her mouth slowly. I knew that if I pump vigorously it may chock her throat. I was feeling very nice. My blood was rushing towards the head of my penis. I started fingering her pussy. It was quiet wet. A peculiar smell was coming out of it. I could not stop my self. I lowered my head and put my tongue on her pussy mouth. She moaned very loud and raised her hip. I started licking it with my tongue. After some time I entered my tongue inside her pussy and started rotating it. She was moaning madly and at the same time moving her hips up and down as if fucking my tongue. We were licking each other in 69 positions. All of a sudden she took my tool out of her mouth and said-“Balu my darling. Now fuck me hard with your mighty cock. I am burning. Spray your juice inside me and quench my thrust.”

“Oh, mummy darling, to-day is your day.”-I said after taking my tongue out of her pussy-

“You fuck me today. Let me see how a mother fucks her son.”

“Ok, honey. I would show you my experience.”- She said and came over me.

Now I was sleeping on the sofa on my back between her legs. She took my tool in her hand, lowered her hips and adjusted her pussy mouth on its head.

“I am going to eat your weapon, you Mother Fucker. Now show me who is stronger, the Mother Fucker Son or the Son Fucking Mother?”-She said and took it inside with a strong push. With another two push the entire tool went inside. She sat on my laps with entire prick inside. She took some deep breaths and said-“Oh Balu, it is really too big to handle. I feel as if my pussy will burst. Let me take some rest before I start pumping. Promise me that you will hold as long as I want.”

“No problem mom.”- I said-“You take your time. I shall remain as hard inside you as I am. You can enjoy for hours. In this position I can hold for hours till you ask me to ejaculate.”

“That’s so nice of you son. I know you are great. You can hold for hours. You can satisfy any bitch in the world. Its fantastic feeling your thick manhood inside, but it is so thick that I cannot move. I accept my defeat. Now you come up and pump into me. When you fuck me pumping so fast I simply forget everything, even my self.”- She said and rested her head on my chest. Suddenly the doorbell rang. She raised her head and asked -“who is it?”

The bell rang again and then some one knocked the door heavily. –“Ramani! Baloo!”

My god, it was father. She jumped down. My dick came out with a clear sound “FUCK”. She took all her cloth and ran into the bath room. I picked up the towel, put it on and opened the door.-“What happened father? You came back so soon.”

“The meeting which was scheduled to start at 9.00 will start at 6.00 P.M. now. The chief guest will be coming in the evening. We will have to stay there in the night. The programmed has changed like that. I thought better to be with my family till evening. Where is your mother?”- Father asked.

“She is in the bathroom.”- I told.

At the same time mom came out of the bath room. She was properly dressed now.-“Hey! What happened? You are back so soon.”- She also asked.

Father repeated the same explanation then asked-“What is the matter Ramani? Your cheeks are red as if blood would ooze out from them.”

I saw mom’s cheeks were really red abnormally. Probably due to the heat created out of our sexual activities, which were interrupted due to arrival of father. She became a bit nervous but controlled herself immediately and said-“Balu and me were enjoying and laughing when you came. I saw a black snake so beautiful. May be that is why I am so exited.”

Bravo mom. You said the truth. If only father understands the double meaning of your words. I thought.

“Where is the snake? Was it a big one? Where has it gone?”- Father asked anxiously.

“It was real big in comparison to others you might have seen. It was black and thick. It was very strong. It was so beautiful and fascinating that I cannot tell you. Am I right Balu?”- The lady was so bold and clever.

“Yes mom.” I said and smiled.

“Be careful.”-Father cautioned us while taking the newspaper from the table and turning its pages-“Usually snakes do not come here, but you do not know.”

“Very small snakes often come.”- Mom replied – “They are so week and timid that I do not bother for them. They come and go. They cannot do anything. I simply hate them. But this snake, I never saw like it in my life. My God, I am simply fascinated.”- She said and sat near me. She was holding one of my hands and moving her palm on it. My dick that limped due to father’s arrival started raising its head. I was wearing only a towel. If my dick comes in its full size it would be like a pole covered under the towel and it would be a very embarrassing situation.

“Mom, Let me change.”- I said and stood from the sofa. I went in my room.

“I am coming Balu. Your cloths are there is the box. Let me take it out.’- She said loudly.

Virtually all my cloths were in the wardrobe before me, so I could not understand what she means. Within moments she was there in my room. She came in and shut the door slowly without making any noise. She came near me and took me in her arms. She started kissing me madly.

Then she whispered in my ears-“Balu, your bloody father has spoiled our game. He is son of a bitch. He is an impotent bastard. Please make hurry. Till he is reading the news paper in the drawing room you give me a quick shot. I am so heated and can not hold any more.”

“Mom if father comes inside?”- I was quite scared.

“He is an idiot. He is so engraved in the news paper that he will not leave the seat for an hour. Now please do not delay.”- She said and laid on the floor there itself. She raised her sari and spread her legs. She held my hand and pulled me on her. She then removed my towel and took my dick in her hand. She immediately put it on her hole and gave a push by raising her hip. Her pussy was oozing with love juice. The head of my dick fastened in it.-“Come on, do it fast you son of a bitch.”

I caught her by her shoulders and gave a mighty push. It was so mighty that she cried “Ha”. The sound was quite laud.

“What happened?”- Father asked-“Is the snake there? Shall I come?”

“You sit there. No need to come here. The snake has already gone in the hole.”- Mother said loudly and laughed a sound less laugh with opened mouth. I also smiled and started pumping in her vagina very fast. She started making faint noise as if sucking Tamarind. “Faster, Faster, Fuck your mom faster my son.” She encouraged me. Within 5 minutes she came. “Now take it out and put it in my mouth.”- She ordered me. I obeyed her. She took my dick in her hand and put it in her mouth. Then she asked me to pump again. She was holding it tight between her lips and fist. I pumped for another 4 to 5 minutes and started firing in her mouth. As usual I came a lot and my semen started flowing out of the corners of her mouth. She swallowed some of it and wiped the rest in my towel. She then stood up, dressed properly, kissed me and said-“You always please me to the best of my satisfaction. We shall meet in the night. Your father will be out and we will be free to do anything. Till then you may go to meet your friends or may take rest in your room. Today I will oblige your father during the day time.”

“Is he capable of fucking you nice now?”- I asked.

“No. There is no improvement. He is still a loose, limp, week and small cock, which ejaculates the moment it touches the pussy. I still hate it most in the world.”- She said with a clear-cut expression of hate on her face.

“Still you want to oblige him and that too during the day time, why?”- I asked.

“That you will know latter”- She said – “O.K. Mr. Mother Fucker. Good Bye till next fucking to-night.”


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