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Marge Monday: That '90s Show

The Simpson family are freezing inside their house since Homer had not paid the heating bill, thinking that global warming would compensate for his ineptitude. Bart and Lisa, searching for items to feed the fire, discover a box containing a degree belonging to Marge from Springfield University. Even more shocking than the discovery of Marge's previously unknown college years, is a snapshot photo taken apparently during Marge's time at Springfield U.
In it, Marge is wearing nothing but a transparent nightie. Her pubic patch is shaved into a landing strip, the popular style of the '90s. She has inscribed the photo, "Love Marge" as a sexy gift in the time before digital images, email, and sexting.
Homer and Marge claim it was from their dating years (which chronologically contradicts the back story established in earlier episodes). Marge and Homer proceed to describe one of the darker points of their relationship, the 1990s.
In the '90s, Homer and Marge are happily dating, living together in an apartment. Marge is an avid reader, and Homer is part of an R&B group alongside Lenny, Carl, and Lou the cop. One morning, Marge learns that she had been accepted into Springfield University, but is shocked at the high cost of tuition. 
Homer gives up his dream of becoming a musician and instead decides to work at his dad's popular laser tag warehouse in order to pay for it, where he is abused by the children. At Springfield University, Marge is impressed with her surroundings and with the radically politically correct Revisionist history professor Stefane August, despite Homer's disapproval.
Marge, enchanted with her new-found perspective from her professor, breaks up with Homer. There is a short period where Marge and Homer are separated before eventually getting back together. Marge claims that nothing happened during the time, and that she and Professor August only kissed. Homer, not wanting to imagine otherwise, decides to believe her. He tries not to think about it, especially the one nagging detail: how did Marge take the photo of herself in the nightie if her old non-digital camera didn't have a self-timer? Also, there's a beer in the shot, and Marge loves wine, but not beer. And the book, open at her feet is a sex ed textbook. Did Marge get more of an education at Springfield U than she was willing to admit?


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