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Marge Monday

Homer had a surprise for Marge on her birthday. It was intended as a gift to Marge, but Homer has a habit of giving her presents that actually he really wants. Like the one time he gave her a new bowling ball fitted to his fingers and with his name already inscribed. 

That selfish act caused Marge to take the ball, despite Homer, and try to bowl. At Barney's Bowlarama she met Jacques, a smooth-talking Frenchman, who gives Marge free lessons. Jacques makes his moves slowly in the seduction of Marge, first with a gift of a personalized bowling glove, and then an invitation to brunch.  He invites her for a second date, but at the last minute, Marge makes a fateful decision to go to Homer at work in the nuclear power plant, where he picks her up, and packs her out the door to his parked car for a quickie.

Since then, Marge and Homer have made a great attempt to keep their sex life both committed and passionate. They've tried lingerie and toys, and wonderful vacation sex. Homer, not the brightest, but who has some leanings toward inventing (self-hammering hammer), has come up with with a DIY home glory hole scenario which he can't wait to try out with Marge. It might be as much a gift for him as for her. But this time, she's not complaining.  


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