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Meri pyasi choot ki pyas chote bhai ke lund ne bhujayi aur uske lund ki pyas meri kuwari gand ne bujhayi

Hi, this is Zainy form Gujarat. I am here with my real story about how i got laid by my handsome brother
whom i love to make out with. Coming to the story, i am 27 years old, married lady with 36-28-38 figure and height of 5’5″.

As you all can guess, i am a little plump with flesh at places that matter and that’s wht makes me all the more sexy. I love when males stare at my assets like hungry dogs and i always flaunt my body to enjoy the peeks & stares. My brother is 6 years younger to me, height 5’10″, has a monstrous 7′ long and 3′ girth. I am just mad about it. Every time he pumps that in my itching pussy, it drives me crazy.

We are best friends apart from bro-sis. We share everything with each other. We never had any sexual feelings towards each other but things started to change after i gave birth to my 1st child. I used to breastfeed my child and he used to observe me doing that and many times staring at my boobs which had swollen due to milk. I noticed that but didn’t take it seriously. Then i started feeling he is always looking for chances to touch me and brush his parts with my ass and boobs and have a peek at my tits.

Once i was breast-feeding my child and he was sitting beside me talking about stuff and i noticed that he was continuously looking at my boobs as half of my right boob was exposed as the child was feeding. i was also feeling horny as my otherwise too good in bed husband hadn’t drilled my cunt nicely since the birth maybe because it had loosened up. I had lost tightness and so he was not enjoying. So our sex sessions were getting less gradually and less lasting each time. I was craving for some good pumping and suddenly it came to my mind that why not my brother as he also is interested in me, has a nice cock and i don’t have any risk. I looked at him and said:

Me: Nice nah?
He: What?
Me: don’t act innocent. I know you are staring at my breasts since long.
He: Noo Noo..Soo Soorryyy Sorryyy. I didn’t mean it.
Me: Don’t worry, i won’t scold you. You want to feel them?
He: (Shocked) noo nooo.. yesss… he stammered
Me: Come on bro, its all yours.. don’t feel shy…

He extended his trembling hand at my right boob.. he touched it, still scared..

Me: Do it properly.. don’t worry, don’t be shy.. i am your elder sister.

Now he was getting courage and started pressing them and pinching my nipples. I was feeling erotic and took off my kamiz. Now i was only in my black lacy semi-transparent bra above waist and his eyes were glued on my ample cleavage that was formed because of the tight fitting bra. My boobs were struggling to get free and my bra was barely holding them. He was massaging my milk pots above the bra and was enjoying to the core.

Now he came close to me and hugged me and started to kiss my shoulders slowly going upwards towards ears and there he was sucking my earlobes. I was lost in my own sensual world and didn’t care if he was my brother anymore.

Till now baby had gone to sleep so i made him sleep on other bed and then got back to the action. Now his hands went on my back caressing it all the way from waistline to bra hooks and the birds were released to be squeezed and pinched. His hands were moving all over my back while his lips were busy in sucking and kissing my neck.

I hold his hair tightly in ecstasy and put my lips on his for a lip-lock that seemed everlasting… Ohh My God.. such a nice kisser he was.. now his hand came in front and cupped my38D breasts kissing me at the same time… i wished that moment could just stand still and i could enjoy it forever. Now he made me lie and pulled my salwar off to leave me merely to my panty.

He pushed his tongue in my navel and what a feeling that was… he sucked and licked my navel for good 5-7 minutes and i couldn’t wait for my cunt to be massacred now. “get on with it” i said to which he replied, “why in such a hurry? Savour the moment darling!” now he stripped my panty too and i was all naked. He too got rid of all his clothes to make me all the more thirsty for his manhood to bang me like hell. I took his tool in my hand and started stroking to prepare it for my hole.

He was molesting my boobies by the time which were brimming with milk and my cunt was oozing juices. The aroma was making it very much erotic and now we were in 69 to satisfy ourselves orally. His tool was hitting my throat making me gag and gasping for breath. He was busy licking my clitoris and pushing one finger into my pussy which was ready to take his giant in and there i came with a huge load of cum and he drank it all. He turned around to kiss me and i tasted my cum mixed with his saliva. Yummy it was… now he sucked my breasts while i gave him a good handjob. He drank my milk like a baby hungry since days and showered his seeds on my face. I licked all of it and then again started giving him blowjob to get it ready for the hardwork…

I was literally in heaven with such a huge cock in my mouth and getting my breasts sucked… he was pinching them a lot and it was paining but the pleasure was worth the pain. I was moaning like a slut all the while. After a nice blowjob of 5 minutes, his cock was ready to tear her sister’s pussy apart and i couldn’t wait to have that enormous piece of meat inside my honey-pot. I laid on the bed and he came in missionary position and started rubbing his cock over my labia teasing me… “put that in, you bloody bastard” i screamed and he kissed me passionately and i guided his cock to my entrance and with one powerful stroke, he had tore my poor cunt and went half in.. all i could do was screaming in extreme pain and pleasure…such a superb cock he is blessed with, he was driving me crazy with that awesome tower.

He started giving hard strokes to explore the depths of my vagina and i was in heaven as i felt his cock going upto my cervix. He was pumping hard and i was moaning like a bitch… “OooOOOHHHhhh… HhhhaaaaARRrrdddDeeEeerrRRR…” i was shouting in pleasure… “AhhhhAAhhhh..pump it Deepppeeeerrrr…” “ripp it off” “don’t show any mercy on your sister’s cunt” “i am your slut, make me feel like one, you sister-fucker, bastard” his strokes were getting faster and deeper.. his balls were hitting my ass and making a “thap-thap” sound.. i was loving the fucking i was going through ..it felt like eternity till he came gushing brimming my love-hole that was brutally massacred with his seeds..our mixed juices were flowing profusely out of my cunt after the hardest fuck i had gone through since. I had cummed 5 times by the time he rammed my hole with that cruel monster and now it was aching as i had not taken this big cock before like it was my first time.

He was totally exhausted and lied over me for an hour half asleep and caressing my hair and kissing me all over the face meanwhile.. it never had been more romantic than this. Then he woke up again with his rod again rock solid “have you ever been screwed in the ass??” he asked and all i could say was “No”.. he turned me on my back and i was scared like hell but was too horny to refuse at the same time. My cunt was dripping after an intense fuck and now it was my ass that was going to be ripped apart by that monster. He was lubricating my ass with his saliva and at the same time rubbing his cock on my butts to make me ready for the penetration.

I was scared of my ass being ravaged by this huge dick’s insane pounding. But the thrill of losing my anal virginity was dominating and i could not wait to take that thing in my ass-hole. He hold me by my waist as i came on my fours and started pushing but it was not going in easily as my ass was never been explored. It was my fantasy to get banged in my ass but my hubby was never interested in doing anything unorthodox whereas i am the adventurous type who loves doing crazy stuff in crazy and insane ways. one of my dreams was coming true… then all of a sudden, a powerful thrust and OOHHHHHHhhh…. i was no more an anal virgin.. his cock was intruding my ass till the depths of my hole and was going deeper by each stroke.. tears rolled down my cheeks as the pain was unbearable!! Gradually pain was turning into pleasure with each passing stroke and he was increasing his speed as my hole was now making way for the intruder. “Go on harderrr darling” i said “push it more deeper, fill my ass.. it wants to be rammed hard” “yes dear, its too tight baby..it feels heaven in there” he said.. “ohh yeahh, oohhh yeeaaahhh..” i was moaning loudly..

This continued for about 15-20 minutes and then he withdrew his tool. I turned and took his cock in my mouth and sucked from head to bottom and was playing with his cute balls at the same time for another 10 minutes.. he grabbed my hair and started thrusting his dick into my throat and i knew he was about to shoot and i felt a gushing stream of hot liquid flowing in my mouth. It was salty but sweet and tasted awesome. We laid exhausted after that long fuck session. That one was one of my best drilling i had ever experienced. He is a master and really knows how to quench a horny lady’s thirst for sex. The fire in my cunt had extinguished only after his pump made it wet like a river with enormous loads of cum and most powerful orgasms originating by his pulsating throbbing cock that can make any cunt wet and drooling.

Now i don’t get under my husband much often and usually make out with my brother whenever possible as we live in the same city and also not very far away and we are like true lovers and he too loves to go to bed with me…


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