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Personal massager

When she saw the "personal massager" at the Walgreens, she chuckled. She knew the rumor that the personal massagers weren't just for rubbing sore muscles. In fact, she wondered if any had ever bought a personal massager for actual massage. As she stood in the aisle and contemplated this, she realized she had been staring at the box, and subconsciously getting aroused. Just thinking about masturbation has triggered a Pavlovian response from her body. She could feel the tingle between her legs and the warmth in her belly she always felt. Her nipples were swollen and tender. And she was flushed from being aroused and also embarrassed. She didn't want to grab the personal massager and take it to the check out. But she also didn't want to leave the store without it. She was now dying to try it, and couldn't just go home and use her hand as always. She had to have it.


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