My wife and I took a vacation last summer. Coming back exhausted and jet-lagged, I guess I must have forgotten to clear the memory card after uploading them to my computer.

We hadn't used the camera since then, and just had it hanging around the house. My friend Allan asked to borrow it, and I said sure. It's not a very expensive camera and it's several years old by now. I lend it to friends whenever if they need it for anything.

Just a couple weeks ago, I grabbed the camera and discovered that our vacation photos were still on the card, including a couple of my wife on a deserted beach, when we decided to go skinny dipping.

At first I panicked. Allan wouldn't have gone back through my files, would he? Had he seen the moment private to just my wife and I? The photos weren't totally graphic, luckily, but one did show her spreading for me. After the panic settled and I realized there was nothing I could really do, the idea actually began to turn me on. I liked the thought of Allan and my other friends seeing what I was able to see, my sexy young wife. So I share them here.


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