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Studying Late

If I learned one thing in college, it's that everyone likes sex, however, the cheerleader types liked sex because they could use it to leverage popularity or social power; the smart nerdy straight A girls liked sex for the sake of sex. My girlfriend was the later, putting all her sexual energy into having great creative, spontaneous sex. She wasn't considered the hottest most popular girl on campus, but she had a sexual side of her that only I knew.

Once, we were studying late at the campus library, and by midnight were getting a little punchy and ready to go back to her dorm or mine. Ready for some sleep. While walking across campus, she mentioned that she wasn't wearing underwear. I told her to show me, and we did a quick flash photo. 

We walked back to her dorm faster now, knowing she was naked under her thin dress and growing wetter with anticipation. We barely had the dorm door shut before we were together, my pants down, her dress up, and the books scatted on the floor.


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