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This is no doubt the dream girl of probably any guy who grew up in the 80s. For some reason tennis was really big. It sort of followed all the hollywood movies about the rich preppy girl who dated the rich preppy jock, but eventually (and through a cornball series of misadventures) fell for the smarter, nerdier, but sweeter guy. So many of us wanted to be that guy, who defeated someone named "Chip" or "Lance" and  had one sweet shot at a girl like "Mandy" or "Carrie."  

Tennis was in. Izod shirts were in. Collars up. Porsche 911s were in. Cocaine was in. Bands with synthesizer keyboards were in. Belonging to a country club was in.  Wearing sweatshirts that said Harvard were in, even if you didn't know anyone who went to Harvard. And lovely blonde girl-next-door types were the one all the girls wanted to be, and all the guys wanted to be with.

How many fantasies involved a match of strip tennis back then? Or maybe I should say, what fantasy didn't involve strip tennis? 


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