Amy used to work as a receptionist in a high-power law firm. There's someting in that energy that got to her, and she began being more and more daring. She'd wear perfectly pressed suits and slacks, and form-fitting skirts, with hight heels. But instead of pantyhose, she began to wear stockings and a garter. Seated behind her desk, few saw the change, but when she needed to make copies or run other small office errands, a few of the men glanced down and noticed the small outline of her garter clips. They never said anything, but their eyes said they approved.

This made Amy even more daring, and she began to wear no underwear to work. There was no way for anyone in the office to know this, but she knew, and that's what made it so exciting to her. It was her little secret.

Like most young women with ambition, she wasn't going to stay a receptionist at that firm forever. When she gave them her two-weeks notice, the length of her skirts, although still professional, got shorter and shorter and shorter.


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